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Do You Know these Southernisms?

I just love a good Southern sayin’! There is no denying that we know how to turn a phrase. Even though I was born and raised in the South, there are still Southernisms that catch me by surprise every now and again. Sometimes our colloquialisms are down right poetic. Every so often they are next …

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Etiquette Guide – The Art of Paying a Call

The Art of Paying a Call Print. Master these rules at penderandpeony.com

So…I couldn’t resist creating a cute little print to go with my earlier post about the rules of paying a call in the South.  Just think of this as a quick etiquette guide! Want to read the full rules? I would love to hear your opinion! Did I cover everything? Is there a ritual you …

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The Art of Paying a Call in the South

The Art of Paying a Call - Learn the etiquette at penderandpeony.com

In centuries past, women dressed up in their best day gowns and went visiting. They paid calls on friends and acquaintances within their social circle who were “at home” on such and such a day. Tea was served. Cakes eaten. Best manners displayed, and calling cards left. This was a great time for gossip, and …

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Visiting the Mabry-Hazen House

Maby-Hazen House. Read about this historic house on penderandpeony.com

Gunfights, Civil War strategy, lawsuits, and scandal mark much of the history of the Mabry-Hazen House, but from its serene perch atop Mabry’s Hill with towering magnolia trees shading the wide veranda you could hardly imagine this notorious past. The Mabry-Hazen House was home to three generations of the same family and showcases their original …

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Touring Brookgreen Gardens

All these gorgeous spring blooms have me fantasizing about our tour through Brookgreen Gardens this past summer.  Brookgreen is just south of Myrtle Beach down in Murrells Inlet. With thousands of acres of gardens to explore, Brookgreen offers a mezmerizing blend of horticulture and art.     In the early 1930’s Archer and Anna Hyatt …

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Ode to the gloriously outrageous place names of the South

The highways and byways of the Southern states are filled with road signs announcing towns and cities with often unusual, sometimes baffling, and on occasion gloriously outrageous names.  On family road trips and vacations headed to the beach or to see some relative twice removed, my mother and I have made it a game to …

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State of the Art/Art of the State: Breaking Down Art World Elitism

We hear about art world elitism over and over again. Sometimes it seems like a constant critical mantra or self-congratulatory boast depending on where you position yourself on this appraisal.  I myself sit somewhere in the middle of this debate fully understanding the often stifling effect elitism has on art, not to mention the very …

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Macon Women in the City

In September, my soul mates and I hit the Big Apple for our 10 year anniversary of meeting each other.  This may sound a little odd, but when four friends meet each other as first-years in college and make it through the roller coaster that is collegiate education and then remain close afterwards it is …

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A Farm with a View

“…when she reached her own room she opened the window and breathed the clean night air, thinking of the kind old man who had enabled her to see the lights dancing in the Arno and the cypresses of San Miniato, and the foot-hills of the Apennines, black against the rising moon.” ~ A Room with …

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