The Skirted Table: Get the Look on a Budget

Get the look of a designer skirted table on a budget with Ikea Lindved tables, custom skirts, bullion fringe, and glass tops.

Just in case I haven’t said this enough on the blog, let me reiterate…

Use what you have but get creative!

In this post, I’m sharing how I transformed two basic round metal tables from Ikea into gorgeous luxe looking skirted tables worthy of a designer!

When we were furnishing our first house in Charlotte, NC the budget was tight (it usually is), and we needed side tables that could work in a living room or bedroom. Ikea was close, and it was budget friendly, so I purchased several of these white metal Lindved round tables. They are simple and pretty with their classic curving legs. But now in my “big girl” house I’m ready for an upgrade.

Unfortunately, I’m still waiting on my money tree to grow, so I’m not investing in fancy inlaid mahogany drop leaf Pembrokes just yet. Enter the traditional decorator’s best furnishing friend…the skirted table!

I transformed those Ikea Lindved tables with beautiful green moiré fabric and white bullion fringe for a timeless traditional look that better coordinates with the grandmillennial decor in our living room. I love the color and texture these bring to the room.

Ikea lindved white metal table

A budget friendly trick to get the look of the skirted table - here used green moire fabric and white bullion fringe

Budget Friendly Skirted Tables

Now, I know what you’re thinking…skirted tables aren’t budget friendly! And you’re right if you buy one direct from Ballards (priced around $300) or go for a ridiculously priced designer fabric. But there are a couple of ways to get the look of the skirted table without spending a fortune.

I created 2 of these skirted tables in my living room for a total of $252!

That’s only $126 per table!

So what’s my secret?

No. 1 Use a round table already in your house or find an inexpensive one at the thrift or Ikea.

  • Those Lindved tables are still available for only $25.
  • I regularly see the particle board round tables meant to be used with a skirt at the thrift for $10 or so.

No. 2 Custom make a basic round floor length tablecloth with fringe.

  • Find fabric that works for your space at a reasonable price – mine cost $7 a yard x 3 yards per table. Similar here and here. Scroll down for how to measure!
  • Find fringe for the bottom – mine cost $20.
  • Take it to your local upholstery or tailors shop and have a basic round tablecloth made – it cost me $65 per cloth to have these green ones made.
  • Forgo the box pleats – it’s just more money on fabric and construction.
  • Or if you are good at sewing make your own – check out this tutorial.

No. 3 Buy a pre-made floor length tablecloth and add fringe.

  • Once you know what size you need to go across the table and down to the floor, shop for pre-made cloths like the ones below.
  • Not sure how to measure, scroll down!
  • Add your own fringe – you can use a sewing machine or hot glue it on.

Katherine places quarter inch thick glass on top of skirted table

No. 4 Go to your local glazier and have a glass top made.

  • I had two 20″ tops cut for $60.
  • Don’t forgo the glass if you plan to actually use the skirted table. Drinks will spill and leave rings even if you’re careful, and the glass will protect the cloth.
  • Be sure to get a quarter (.25) inch thickness.

Measuring for Your Skirted Table

To figure tablecloth diameter add the height (from floor to table top) + table top diameter + height (from floor to table top)

26″H + 20″D + 26″H = 72″ Tablecloth diameter

I would shop for a 72″ diameter tablecloth if I was looking for a pre-made one.

Ikea Lindved table measurement diagram

Calculate Yardage

If you want to have a custom cloth made, you will need to know how much yardage to buy of the fabric. To calculate:

Diameter of tablecloth 72″ + seam allowance 2″ = 74″ total diameter

Diameter with seams 74″ / width of fabric 54″ = 1.37 lengths of fabric needed

1.37 x 74″ = 101.40″ of total fabric

101.40″ / 36″ (number of inches in a yard) = 2.81 yards then round up to nearest yard

3 total yards to make a 72″ diameter tablecloth that goes from floor across the table top to the floor.

For the Fringe

To calculate the amount of fringe needed you must figure the total circumference of the table cloth.

Diameter 72″ x 3.14 = 226.08″ Circumference

226.08″ / 36″ = 6.28 yards of fringe

Close up of my living room skirted tables in green moire fabric with white bullion fringe

Here are some pretty pre-made cloths that would work for a skirted table:

If you want a custom skirt and need fabric, check out this post all about my favorite sources for inexpensive fabric.

I hope this post has shown you that upgrading your furnishings doesn’t mean you always throw out the old. You can get creative and transform them into luxe pieces. A skirted table is a chic furnishing for any room that adds style and color.


  1. Cindy Hummel on March 26, 2022 at 12:13 pm

    I agree that these make perfect tables and are a great way to introduce color and pattern on a budget. I use file cabinets as my bases – great storage! I like the height of them for bedside and chair side. Ballard usually has good prices on tops that include glass. I Velcro the top to the base if I want to make sure it doesn’t move.

    • Katherine on March 29, 2022 at 8:21 am

      Cindy, what a great idea to use a filing cabinet as the base! And velcroing the top is so smart. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Cat on August 20, 2023 at 10:15 am

    What local upholstery or tailors shop in Charlotte did you use to have a basic round tablecloth made?

    • Katherine on August 22, 2023 at 8:20 am

      Hi Cat! I do not live in Charlotte anymore. We moved about 7 years ago, so I didn’t use an upholsterer in Charlotte. Instead I used Superior Finish in Waynesville. My mom and I have used them for years, and they do excellent work, but they are probably a bit far from you.

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