A Plaid Pastel Easter Table

Inspiration for a plaid pastel Easter table filled with whimsical vintage and lily of the valley china plus 5 tips for using pastel colors!

Tips for decorating with pastels on this plaid Easter

Easter is only a few weeks away, and it’s time to start planning your tables!

I created this whimsical brightly hued plaid pastel Easter table the other day for the Easter Prep Workshop. It is filled with vintage treasures and the most elegant lily of the valley dishes from Royal China. All will be available to shop on March 31st at the Instagram flash sale.

Whether you adore pastels or only bring them out at spring and Easter, it can be tricky to decorate with these playful hues. While their whimsical quality is enticing, pastels can feel unsophisticated and clownish if not properly used.

I’m a pastel devotee, if you couldn’t tell, and I adore to use intense jewel like versions of these colors. I’ve learned a thing or two over the years in decorating with them, and wanted to share 5 tips with y’all today!

A plaid pastel Easter table with lily of the valley dishes

5 Tips to Decorating with Pastels:

No. 1 Liberally Mix with White

Using bright white with pastels allows those hues to really pop, but it also gives the eye a nice bit of rest.

No. 2 Ground with Contrast

To keep pastels sophisticated you need to play up the contrast by using a dark color. On my Easter table, the dark green of the china creates this contrast.

No. 3 Add an Earthy or Rustic Note

Balance out the youthful feel of pastels by introducing a rustic or earthy note. This could be an accessory or a color. Here the acid citron stripe in the table runner helps inject that element into the tablescape.

No. 4 Balance Whimsy & Elegance

Of course an Easter table with hopping bunnies and colorful Easter eggs will feel whimsical, but balance that with an elegant touch through your florals or china pattern. Here the lily of the valley dishes in simple white and dark green with refined flowers are that elegant note.

No. 5 Use Geometric Patterns

Pastels feel airy and bright so juxtapose this with a strong linear pattern like plaids, checks, and stripes. On my Easter tablescape, I started with a pastel hued plaid table runner, but also played with geometric patterns with the gingham Easter eggs and basket weave border on the BB plates.

Lily of the valley Royal China plates on pink napkin with white charger and plaid pastel table cloth

Alright Peonies, enjoy prepping for your Easter celebrations!

Remember to have fun styling your table and remember you are creating an atmosphere for loved ones and friends to enjoy each other’s company, so make it playful and bright. They will feel special to be included and delighted by your efforts.


If you want to add this lovely pattern to your china collection, the dishes are Royal China Lily of the Valley:


  1. Katherine Parathyras on April 16, 2022 at 7:26 am

    Love your dishes! Where are they from?

    • Katherine on April 17, 2022 at 8:09 am

      Hi Katherine! They are vintage Royal China, so you just need to hunt ebay or etsy. I’ll add a link in the post for what I’ve found.

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