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Curio: a rare, unusual, or intriguing object.

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Katherine curates unique collections each month here on Curio Collected to help inspire you to decorate and fluff your home with charming vintage and antique finds.

Be sure to check out Instagram on Thursday evenings for more one of a kind decor. Each week a statement piece or small collection is listed there.

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Fall Tableware

Saturday September 9th

Vintage Fall Decor

Saturday September 23rd

Classically charming curios carefully collected for you!

Watercolor illustratio of a pair of Staffordshire sheep
Katherine places Staffordshire flatback on mantel

Bring history & character into your home!

watercolor rendering of blue and white curios

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Katherine poses in front of her living room mantel in camel sweater
watercolor rendering of a Staffordshire spaniel