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Want your home to look put together and stylish, but it is just not working?

Are you stumped by how to arrange your accessories so that they are charming and useful?

Is clutter taking over your space and you feel like you are living in a big old mess?

I’m here to help!

Sometimes life is just too hectic, and with so many “to dos” demanding our time and energy home decorating takes a back seat…like fall off the truck back seat!

This can leave our homes looking sad, boring, and mismatched. At this point, decorating just feels too overwhelming a task.

Instead, your home should delight you!

It should feel welcoming and charming. It should tell you and your family’s story, and most of all it should be your personal haven from the rest of the world!

I’ve been there too! My husband and I have successfully renovated 2 homes now ( OK one is still in progress) while working full time jobs. I know the clash of desiring a stylish charming home versus the overwhelm and budget constraints. 

Fortunately for us, I had a few tricks up my sleeve having studied art, architecture, and design in school coupled with a decade spent working in the art and antique world where I merchandised and designed galleries. Plus I’ve got a really handy husband who how knows how to plumb and do carpentry like a pro! I know ladies I lucked out! 😉

Work with me to create the charming and stylish home you’ve been scrolling for on Pinterest!