DIY Yellow Bell Easter Egg Tree

Make your own yellow bell Easter egg tree in just a few easy steps! Put it on a sideboard or use as a centerpiece for whimsical Easter decor!

Yellow bell Easter egg tree in cabbageware tureen with speckled egg ornaments

Creating your own Easter egg tree is quick and easy. Use faux yellow bell and pussy willow branches for an added pop of color and texture. Plant the tree in a charming vintage cabbageware tureen for some added spring whimsy.

Use it as a centerpiece on the dining room table or for a festive touch on the sideboard. This is a quick DIY that has a big impact.

Yellow bell Easter egg tree in cabbageware tureen with speckled egg ornaments

Supplies for DIY Easter egg tree:

Here’s how I put my yellow bell Easter egg tree together:

First – Find a pretty container to plant your tree inside.

I used a vintage cabbageware tureen, and just propped the lid up to the side, but a colorful planter or urn would work well too. This tureen will be available in my March 17th Instagram sale.

Cabbage ware tureen with floral foam and moss

Second – Fix the foam and moss.

Inside the planter place a block of dry floral foam and top with pretty green moss. Be sure the foam is firmly placed inside and cannot move around or use some clear floral tape to secure. This will keep your tree from toppling over if the branches lean to one side or the other.

Third – Cut apart several faux yellow bell and pussy willow branches.

I used 3 faux yellow bell branches and 2 faux pussy willow branches to make my Easter egg tree. Decided on a good height for the branches and just cut the stems apart. Usually you want the height of an arrangement between two – two and a half times the height of your container.

Push branches down into floral foam inside container

Fourth – Poke branches down into floral foam.

Push the ends of the branches down into the floral foam mixing the yellow bells with the pussy willows evenly. Bend the stems as needed to create flowing, slightly weeping lines.

faux yellow bell branches and pussy will branches in cabbageware turren

Fifth – Hang the tree with Easter egg ornaments.

I made my own Easter egg ornaments with faux speckled eggs by hot gluing ribbon or embroidery thread on one end of the eggs. Here is a set of speckled eggs already made into ornaments.

detail of ribbon glued to speckled egg for ornament

That’s it! In just five easy steps you’ve created your own gorgeous yellow bell Easter egg tree!

See how it looks on my spring tablescape in this post.

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