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Aloha! A Hawaiian Luau

Experience the aloha spirit and Hawaiian Ho'okipa at a joyful Hawaiian luau.

Experience the aloha spirit and Hawaiian Ho’okipa at a joyful Hawaiian luau. Aloha! While traveling in Maui this Southern girl truly felt the aloha spirit.  It was evident everywhere we went from the warm greetings of “Aloha!” to the giving of lei and the ready extension of a helping hand to the pleasant conversation offered …

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Hawaiian Souvenirs: Shopping in Kihei

Hawaiian souvenir shopping guide for Maui

When shopping for Hawaiian souvenirs, the Kihei Kalama Village and the open air market on S. Kihei Road are must-stop destinations! There is a little bit of everything between these two locales from touristy knick-knacks (made in China) to more authentic Hawaiian treasures. You will find lei, Hawaiian print shirts and wraps, Pacific black pearls, …

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Snorkeling Adventure to Molokini

Exploring Hawaii's coral reefs, marine life, and pristine blue waters is an absolute requirement while visiting Maui. Head out on a glorious snorkeling adventure to Molokini with the Pride of Maui!

Exploring Hawaii’s coral reefs, marine life, and pristine blue waters is an absolute requirement while visiting Maui. Head out on a glorious snorkeling adventure to Molokini with the Pride of Maui! *This post was written in collaboration with the Pride of Maui. All opinions are 100% my own.* Can you believe it? I have never …

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The Staffordshire Spaniel: The Best Mantle Accessory since 1840

Decorating mantles since the 1840s the Staffordshire spaniel is a winsome figurine adding charm and style to any room. Southern Heirlooms Series Part I In collaboration with my college chum, McKenna, P&P will be featuring a new post series about Southern heirlooms.  We will be delving into attics, rummaging in our grandmothers’ china cabinets, and …

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Hunting the Perfect Christmas Tree

Explore my Southern Christmas Home on the Simply Seasonal blog hop: Christmas decorating tips, holiday decor, boxwood wreaths, mantle decor, garland, plaid

A beautifully lit Christmas tree with ornaments scattered amongst the branches is pure Christmas magic. Decorating the tree is one of my favorite parts of the holidays. I love how a Christmas tree transforms the room and the way it ignites memories of Christmases long past. I grew up on a Christmas tree farm. You …

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When a Southerner Gives Directions

How to give directions like a Southerner

Ever been on one of those back country roads in the South rambling through cornfields and pecan groves, passing by roadside stands, and circuitously winding your way through unfamiliar territory?  On these roads, signs seem few and far between. Cell phone service is iffy, and your GPS hasn’t a clue.  It keeps telling you turn …

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An Afternoon Tour at Blount Mansion

An afternoon Tour at Blount Mansion. Check out this historic house of Knoxville. Home of William Blount. Wonderful piece of Southern and American history.

As a newcomer to Knoxville and a public historian, I’ve made it my goal to visit all of the 7 historic homes of Knoxville. I like to start learning about a new city by delving into its past! So far I’ve spent a festive evening at the Mabry-Hazen House and a lovely afternoon tour at …

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Do You Know these Southernisms?

I just love a good Southern sayin’! There is no denying that we know how to turn a phrase. Even though I was born and raised in the South, there are still Southernisms that catch me by surprise every now and again. Sometimes our colloquialisms are down right poetic. Every so often they are next …

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Etiquette Guide – The Art of Paying a Call

The Art of Paying a Call Print. Master these rules at penderandpeony.com

So…I couldn’t resist creating a cute little print to go with my earlier post about the rules of paying a call in the South.  Just think of this as a quick etiquette guide! Want to read the full rules? I would love to hear your opinion! Did I cover everything? Is there a ritual you …

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The Art of Paying a Call in the South

The Art of Paying a Call - Learn the etiquette at penderandpeony.com

In centuries past, women dressed up in their best day gowns and went visiting. They paid calls on friends and acquaintances within their social circle who were “at home” on such and such a day. Tea was served. Cakes eaten. Best manners displayed, and calling cards left. This was a great time for gossip, and …

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