Rococo Revival: A Pink & Green Tablescape


Taking inspiration from the feminine, flirty florals of the Rococo to set a pink and green tablescape with Limoges china, cabbage ware, Rose Medallion, lacy linens, and pink peonies! Let's celebrate summer!

The Danish Way - IG post about romanticizing your life

I recently scrolled across this delicious piece of advice on Instagram via @thedanishway, originally from @iheartintelligence, and I felt so empowered to re-focus on the little joys of life. It feels so rejuvenating to take a positive outlook and embrace a mindset of abundance instead of scarcity.

In college at my beloved R-MWC, our school's motto was vita abundantior -- the life more abundant. Since studying there and learning about this perspective, I have tried to embody it in big ways and small. Sure, I get mired down in life's negativity trap on occasion just like everyone, but I always come back to this mantra...vita abundantior! When I repeat this to myself, I remember just how joyous waking up everyday is...just how joyous it is to be well and loved...just how joyous it is to care for others. I remember too that I make my own abundance!

It is up to me to believe that cup of coffee is the best I've ever had! It is up to me to know there is always something to celebrate!

And because of that I put my scrambled eggs on fine china; I mix up a vodka tonic and pour it in a crystal coupe; I get out the linen napkins; I polish the silver...

Using these elegant pieces makes me feel special. It makes my family feel special. It elevates my everyday!

So here is a summer celebration for the table in pink and green inspired by Rococo exuberance with charming Limoges, Rose Medallion, crystal coupes, cabbage ware, lacy linens, and a delightful bouquet of pink peonies!

I hope it inspires you to elevate your everyday meals.

Much of the tableware is available in Curio Collected--scroll on down. You can shop the contemporary cabbage ware here and a similar Battenburg tablecloth here or French lace here.

A pink and green tablescape with rococo inspired florals, Limoges plates, cabbage ware, and pink peonies

Antique Rose Medallion teacup on pink and green table
Rococo inspired pink and green floral tablescape with pink peony arrangement

Ovington Bros. pink floral swag Limoges dinner plates on top of green cabbage ware charger in pink and green table setting

Ovington Bros. pink floral swag Limoges dinner plates on top of green cabbage ware charger in pink and green table setting

Top view of peony hydrangea arrangement with little daisies and purple stock.
Gilt and crystal coupe with green stem and etched floral swag design

Available Tableware:

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