Decorating with Rose Medallion

5 ways of decorating with Rose Medallion that showcase its beauty and help create the Chinoiserie chic look.

Rose Medallion ceramics are my favorite Chinoiserie decor with out doubt. First of all the pink and green color palette is classic and charming then there are the darling birds, bats, butterflies, and dragons frolicking in the designs.

Furthermore, these fine creatures are interspersed with curious scenes of Chinese domestic life, and finally...the peonies! Really it may be all about the peonies.

5 ways of decorating with Rose Medallion porcelains - flat lay collage of Famille Rose plates and tableware

Will blue and white porcelains always be essential? Yes, but if you want a Chinoiserie chic style with more color, pattern, and intricate detailing then decorating with Rose Medallion is key!

I have Rose Medallion porcelains scattered through-out my home, and I am always looking for another exquisite piece to add to my collection or offer you all in my weekly curated sales.

Because buying an antique and using it charmingly in our homes is not always straight-forward, I want to share with you 5 ways of decorating with Rose Medallion that showcase its beauty and help create the Chinoiserie look. The below photos feature Famille Rose pieces from my personal collection. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to shop Rose Medallion or head over to Curio Collected.

If you are interested in learning about the history of Rose Medallion and how to start a collection, head over to my post:

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5 Ways of Decorating with Rose Medallion

First, a couple important details to consider when collecting and decorating with Famille Rose porcelains:

  • This style of Chinese export porcelain has been made for over two centuries, and it has evolved over time. A Rose Medallion plate from 1880 looks quite different than a plate made in 1960. Consider if you want an antique collection of these porcelains or a vintage one, and if you choose to mix the two how the differences in the pattern look together. For more on the differences and dating read this.


  • Understand the condition and degree of delicacy of your porcelain then display and use it accordingly. If a porcelain piece is unstable, I don't recommend buying it, but many antique pieces have wear and tear commiserate with their age and are still valuable. These small cracks or chips are weak points, so you want to take care to not further stress these areas, which could lead to further deterioration.


  • You can mix the varied patterns within Famille Rose to charming affect. I love Rose Medallion paired with Rose Canton and celadon pieces. The more free form painting in an enameled celadon piece compliments the reserve structure of a Rose Medallion porcelain. See my plate wall below!

Antique plate wall with Rose Medallion plate, Spode, Majolica, and Famille Rose celadon

No. 1 Decorate Walls with Rose Medallion Plates

Rose Medallion plates work so beautifully in plate wall groupings whether you curate an entire selection of this pattern or mix it in with other styles. Pictured is a small grouping of plates on a wall in my dining room, mixing various patterns and styles from Majolica to French Sèvres and Rose Medallion to Famille Rose Celadon. I love the eclectic pairings here, but the coordinated palette pulls it all together.

When using Rose Medallion to decorate your walls play with different shape plates like octagon, square, oval, and petal. These shapes are a bit more rare in terms of availability, but they provide so much more visual interest than circle after circle after circle.

Vintage Rose Medallion ginger jar as vase for floral display is one of the ways to decorate with Rose Medallion

No. 2 Use Vases & Jars for Beautiful Floral Displays

Look for vases and ginger jars in this pattern to use for floral arrangements. The pink and green tones in the design will set off your flowers beautifully.

Budget friendly tip: buy the ginger jar with no lid! When you plan on using the Rose Medallion piece as a vase for flowers you don't need it, and can find these forms at discounted rates because the lid is missing or broken.

Table vignette with Rose Canton tea bowl used as candle holder

No. 3 Re-purpose Small Bowls as Candle Holders

Small Rose Medallion and Canton bowls are widely available. These pieces were often part of larger tableware sets and originally used for rice and the cup size ones for tea. These small pieces are perfect for end tables beside a sofa or chair.

Pop a tea light or small pillar candle inside for an instantly chic candle!

Colorful shelving styled with Rose Medallion tableware

No. 4 Style Shelves with Tableware

Shelves are the perfect location to show off Chinoiserie decor, particularly your collection of Rose Medallion. I display and protect my older and more delicate pieces of this pattern in my china cabinet with glass doors. I am particularly careful with my two-handled bullion cup in the lower left of the photo because it is egg-shell porcelain -- a very thin bodied porcelain that is almost translucent.

Designer tip: amp up the Chinoiserie chic look of your shelves by mixing Rose Medallion with cloisonné and blue and white Canton.

Katherine's mantel is styled with large Rose Medallion temple jars for a traditional Chinoiserie chic look!

No. 5 Decorate a Mantel with Rose Medallion Porcelains

The fireplace area as a key focal point of a room is a prime spot for your larger Rose Medallion porcelains. All eyes will be drawn to the mantel, so take advantage of that to showcase the beauty of unique Rose Medallion forms like temple jars, platters, or vases. My pair of Rose Medallion temple jars anchor either side of my mantel and balance out the large gilt mirror.

This is a stunning early 19th century Rose Medallion well and tree form platter styled on traditional mantel

Platters look amazing as the centerpiece of your mantel decor! Just prop one up on a large brass stand like this one and make sure it is securely seated.

Designer tip: whenever possible buy in pairs. It maybe tempting to save some money and just buy one vase (if the seller will allow), but you will regret it in the long run. Traditional mantels look best with symmetrical arrangements, and that pair of Rose Medallion porcelains will be even more dramatic than a single piece.


I hope this post has given you some new ideas and details to consider when decorating with Rose Medallion! This Chinese export porcelain is so vibrant and whimsical that it is a delight to play with and style. If you need further advice on decorating with or collecting these porcelains, I would love to help you through my styling service. I offer custom styling packages and sourcing options.


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