The Best Thrift Stores in Western North Carolina

Katherine reveals the 5 best thrift stores in Western North Carolina she frequents to find quality antiques and vintage.

Exterior view of one of the best thrift stores in Western North Carolina - Second Blessings near Waynesville, NC

There is nothing like the thrill of the hunt…

The excitement of finding that long sought treasure for an absolute bargain!

If you have the thriftin’ and pickin’ bug, you know exactly what I’m talking about and this post is for you!

I love sharing my thrifting and antiquing adventures with y’all and selling the fabulous vintage and antique curios I find here on P&P and on IG. Y’all are always asking where I find these goodies, so today I’m revealing some of my favorite thrift stores in Western North Carolina!

The Best Thrift Stores in Western North Carolina:

No. 1 Second Blessings

32 Commerce St. Waynesville, NC 28786

The ladies volunteering at Second Blessings thrift keep the shop immaculate and organized. They even have a holiday decorations section upstairs that is divided up by occasion.

I almost always find a beautiful ceramic curio and vintage fabric at this one!

They accept credit.

Interior view of Second Blessings Thrift

Exterior view of WNC Bridge Foundation thrift store

No. 2 WNC Bridge Foundation Thrift

75 Fairview Rd, Asheville NC 28803

This is a bustling thrift that also features weekend estate sales in the back. I recommend going Thursday – Saturday to catch both the thrift shop and estate sale open. Merchandise turns over quickly here as it is near Biltmore Village, so I recommend going regularly.

They accept credit.

No. 3 Reach for Bargains

158 Heritage Hollow Dr. Franklin, NC 28734

This is a pleasantly surprising hole in the wall tucked totally out of the way near downtown Franklin. I stumbled upon it purely by chance, but now make it a must-shop on my visits.

They always have a great lamp selection, and I like to shop their boutique clothing area.

They accept credit.

One of the best thrift stores in WNC - Reach for Bargains - exterior view

Interior view of Scallywag's Consignment

No. 4 Scallywag’s Consignment

171-A Muse Business Park Waynesville, NC 28786

Ok, this isn’t a thrift, but if I’m sharing the best places to find vintage and antiques for an absolute steal, this shop has to make the cut! I stop in everytime I pass by this one.

Lots of good furniture deals and decor! I love how they organized the store in little room vignettes.

Bring cash to get an extra discount.

No. 5 Glenville Thrift Store

4946 Hwy 107N Glenville, NC 28736

The Glenville thrift will amaze you with the treasures you can find here. My silk blue and white plaid curtains in the dining room were discovered here!

Bring cash and the ladies up front will haggle with you.

Don’t miss the second floor space where all the furniture and art is held.

Interior view of Glenville Thrift Store - on of the best in WNC

Just a few things to keep in mind when thrifting…

No. 1 Don’t underestimate the power of manifestation.

Set your intention to find something specific when you start your thrifting adventure. Think about it regularly though out the day, and I promise you will most likely see more than one! It may not be at the right price point, but you will start finding that curio.

No. 2 Go regularly.

Try to gage how often merchandise is put out and turned over: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly. Make it a point to go that often. Somedays you won’t find anything and other days will be full of gems.

No. 3 Consider the community in which the store is located.

I’m not trying to sound elitist, but you have to consider the socio-economic status and age group of the people donating to the thrift store. Is the shop near a country club? Is the shop connected to a charity that elicits more donations because of it missionary work? Etc…

For example – in N.C. Goodwill always has great stuff, but here in T.N. I rarely find anything worth buying at this thrift store. KARM seems to be the more popular donation recipient.

No. 4 When in doubt pick it up and put it in your buggy.

Mull over an item with it firmly in your hands! I can’t tell you the number of times I walked away from something to consider the purchase then changed my mind and went back for it just a few minutes later to find it already scooped up.

No. 5 Bring a tape measure and loupe.

If you are hunting for a specific piece of furniture with exact measurements you will need that tape measure, and not every store keeps one for customers to use. I keep a mini one in my handbag. Also consider buying a loupe, which is a jeweler’s magnifying glass, and keep it in your handbag too. Use it to investigate art that might be a print instead of an actual painting.

No. 6 Put a box and newsprint in your car for packing.

Most thrift stores will wrap your curios in newsprint for you, but they are not often generous with it. To avoid any breakages while traveling home, I always keep a box with extra paper and a moving blanket in my car.

No. 7 Find out if the store buys or solicits estates versus just accepting donations.

This is more often practiced by private church or specific smaller charity thrift stores. These stores will have better quality curios because they are buying or being gifted whole estates.

Alright! Get out there and find some fabulous treasures!

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