My Favorite Chinoiserie Wallpapers

30+ Chinoiserie wallpapers sure to catch your eye and bring just the right amount of whimsical pattern to your space!

Collage of Chinoiserie wallpapers - samples from Schumacher, York, and Sanderson

Wallpaper is having a happy resurgence lately, and I am here for it! Now my mother would tell you that I haven’t always been a fan and that I actually despised the wallpaper in my bedroom as a girl. But as Lizzy Bennett would say, “…in such cases as these, a good memory is unpardonable,” because now I adore wallpapers…particularly of the Chinoiserie variety!

If you are looking to add a significant dose of Chinoiserie to your space, seriously consider a Chinoiserie wallpaper — color options are endless and you can find a variety from subtle to bold patterns that will suit your tastes and decor style.

The thing I love most about Chinoiserie wallpapers is the whimsical element they can bring to a room. From the fanciful toiles to the majestic beasts and the blooming peonies to the playful birds, wallpapers in a Chinoiserie motif have a playful and vivacious aspect that adds so much character to a space.

Chinoiserie Garden Wallpapers

This is my favorite of the Chinoiserie designs! I adore the riot of florals, elegant curving branches, dancing butterflies, and sassy birds that almost always appear in this motif. My favorites here are Andhara by Sanderson, Schumacher’s Madame de Pompadour, and York’s Ashford Toiles. This style wallpaper also makes a lovely paneled mural art work for an accent wall.

Trellis Wallpapers

If you are trying to add a geometric or architectural structure to your room, Chinoiserie trellis patterns are perfect. I particularly adore when the lines are designed to resemble bamboo like in this paper from OKL.

Chinoiserie Toile Wallpapers

Chinoiserie toile patterns are so fanciful and whimsical. The pagodas always add a playful architecture, and the figural scenes are wonderfully narrative. Currently, this blue and white Schumacher pattern has really caught my eye, and I am also loving the colorful mix in this toile design with lions, tigers, and dancing figures.

Neutral Chinoiserie Wallpapers

If you want to add a Chinoiserie accent to your walls, but keep it more subtle and soft, try a pattern in neutral colors like soft gray, white, or taupe. This silhouette pattern in taupe is perfection!

But of course if you really want to amp up the color and drama, the dragon motif wallpapers like Schumacher’s Chaing Mai or Scalamandre’s Chi’en Dragon in persimmon are the way to go!

For more wallpaper suggestions, you can find my edit of grandmillennial wallpapers here.

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