Creating a Closet Organization System Out of Chaos

I have a confession to make: my entryway closets look like this!

Golly that is terrible! Somehow seeing the photos actually makes it worse. There is absolutely no organization going on here just a jumble of cleaning supplies, coats, shoes, lunch boxes, and pet paraphernalia. Some things are still in moving boxes for heaven’s sake, and it has been 10 months since we moved! I know…I KNOW

These 3 closets line the left wall as you come in our front entry with the two single door closets flanking the double door coat closet. This is the perfect example of having tons of space, but without a closet organization system or storage solutions there is absolute chaos. CHAOS!

Please don’t judge me too harshly I have concocted a plan:

  1. Make organizing this area a priority
  2. Clear out the closets, relocate unnecessary items, and purge unwanted items
  3. Enlist S.’s help with carpentry
  4. Create closet organization system with storage solutions (see below)

Organization and storage solutions for entryway closet

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Hangers // Hooks // Shelf Liner // Broom Wall Holder // Basket // Hanging Caddy // Tote // Vintage Spools // Bin

A closet organization system with storage solutions:

These three closets need to store a variety of things from Henry’s food and leashes to our winter coats and cleaning supplies to board games. The first closet I designate as the miscellaneous closet, which will store the pet stuff as well as other random items we use regularly. The second closet is the coat closet, and I want it to store hats, scarves, boots, and handbags as well as winter coats. Finally, the third closet is the cleaning closet for brooms, mops, the vacuum, cleaning solutions, and other utility items.

How do I organize all this stuff in these 3 closets, make it all easily accessible, and look appealing?

  • Shelves…Shelves…Shelves – install more wooden shelves in the cleaning closet and miscellaneous closet.
  • Storage bins – use bins to group and store items.
  • Label it.
  • Use the space efficiently even the back of the doors.
  • Add hooks.
  • Consider function and frequency of use to determine location within closet.
  • Use shelf liners under cleaning supplies.
  • Color coordinate.
  • Add space saving solutions.
  • Use something vintage, pretty, and/or unexpected to make the space more appealing.

See the closet makeovers here and here!



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