Transform a Mixed Evergreen Wreath from Target with Blooms

Get a bespoke Christmas wreath by transforming a mixed evergreen wreath from Target with blooms and ribbon!

Take a simple mixed evergreen wreath from Target and transform it with white and red blooms, plaid ribbon, branches, and gold leaves for a festive bespoke Christmas wreath

Want a unique and festive Christmas wreath for your front door? Don’t want to pay the price for a custom one?

Take a simple mixed evergreen wreath from Target and transform it with white and red blooms, plaid ribbon, branches, and gold leaves for a festive bespoke Christmas wreath that is sure to spread holiday cheer to everyone who sees it!

With about $30, a little time, and some hot glue you can create your own unique wreath for your front door. Here’s how:

Step One – Select A Basic Mixed Evergreen Wreath

I picked up this 20″ mixed greenery wreath from Target, but there are lots out there to choose from. To make adding the other elements easier be sure to choose a wreath with a twig or foam ring. Here’s some options online:

Step Two – Choose Your Florals & Ribbon

Now pick out what florals and other greenery you want to add to your evergreen wreath. I chose a selection of red and white blooms with the addition of a glittered laurel leaf and winter twig. As you select florals be sure to vary the size of the blooms as well as color and petal shape.

Red and white blooms laid on wreath to transform it in to a bespoke Christmas wreath

Step Three – Play With the Layout

Take a few minutes to play with the arrangement of the blooms and bow placement. This target wreath came with three pinecones already attached, so I arranged my blooms around those, and weighted the bottom of the wreath with more florals because I wanted to put a simple single loop bow at the top.

Step Four – Clip Apart Greens & Blooms

If the blooms and greenery you purchased came in bunches or long stems, clip those apart or trim the stems.

Step Five – Add the Greenery

Working in the direction of the wreath start adding in the additional greenery. I put in my gold laurel leaves and winter twigs first. With a twig wreath form it was very easy to push the stems down into the form and then add a touch of hot glue to hold them in place.

Add in the additional greenery using hot glue to secure the stems

mixed evergreen wreath with additional gold leaves and winter twigs added

Step Six – Add the Blooms

Now work in the blooms around the wreath. Mix up the placement of the color and size of the blooms to make the wreath feel balanced. First I added the large white peony blooms, then the smaller red ranunculus, and finally the white anemones.

Bottom of wreath with three white blooms and two red

Transform a mixed evergreen wreath with red and white blooms for a bespoke Christmas wreath

Step Seven – Tie Your Bow & Secure to Wreath

I tied a single loop bow out of my favorite pink, green, and red plaid D. Stevens ribbon. I secured it to the wreath with a floral pick then used a pipe cleaner to create a loop on the back for hanging.

Step Eight – Check the Wreath Back

While you’ve got the wreath turned over to the back, clip any of the stems that are too long and extending past the wreath form. Secure with additional hot glue if needed.

Now you are ready to hang up your bespoke Christmas wreath and enjoy!

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