My Grandmillennial Southern Christmas in Pink & Green

Decorate a traditional space with a Grandmillennial Southern Christmas look that uses a pink and green color scheme for a festive style that feels elegant and classic.


Can pink and green Christmas decor feel traditional and echo the warmth and joy of the season?

YES INDEED! Just take a look...

Front view of Grandmillennial Southern Christmas mantel decorated with magnolia and pine garland, pink and green plaid ribbon, vintage stockings, compote filled with magnolia
Front view of Grandmillennial Southern Christmas mantel decorated with magnolia and pine garland, pink and green plaid ribbon, vintage stockings, compote filled with magnolia
View of my wicker day bed with chintz and needlepoint pillows with pink and green Southern Christmas tree behind
Grandmillennial Southern Christmas tree in pink and green with plaid ribbon, velvet magnolia blooms, vintage ornaments, and Althea fabric ornaments

A Grandmillennial Southern Christmas Look in Pink & Green

Unintentionally, I set out to address this question when I planned my living room Christmas decor this year. I wanted to create a Grandmillennial look that used happy colors but felt classic and elegant. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the bold hues and whimsy of last year's Chinoiserie garden look, but I wanted a more pared down aesthetic that conjured up traditional Christmases of yore.

I wanted to simplify and celebrate! For me the twinkle lights, streaming ribbons, evergreen boughs, and shimmering ornaments declare Christmas is here!

I truly delight in scheming and decorating for Christmas each year, and I always enjoy the personal challenge of making something unique to celebrate Christ's birth and create that warmth and magic in my home.

If you are interested in getting a similar garland look for your home, check out my 2023 garland kits! Explore the lookbook here.

Christmas Garland Kit 2023

Christmas Garland Kit 2023 Lookbook

Pale celadon colored ornament adds to the pink and green color scheme for Christmas

Southern Christmas Inspirations

Once I decided to re-use my pink and green plaid ribbon from D. Stevens again this year, the color palette was set and the decisions narrowed down to complimenting these colors with florals, greenery, and ornaments that represented a classic winter holiday feel. I choose Southern staples for my florals and greenery: magnolia leaves and blooms, long-leaf pine, eucalyptus, and amaryllis. These really create an elegant, almost Williamsburg-esque look I love.

I was heavily influenced by the 1991 book Holiday Homes from Southern Living. It gives a tour of historic houses and official residences across the South from Annapolis to Houston. I was so inspired by the way the decorations complimented the architecture and design of the rooms themselves. The decorations feel festive and magical not kitschy or like a production.

See how I made the chintz fabric DIY ornaments here.

Katherine of Pender & Peony beside holiday mantel decorated with magnolia garland and plaid ribbon
My living room decorated in Grandmillennial Southern Christmas in pink and green

Pink & Green Christmas Palette

Pink and green is one of those magical color duos that always feels happy and festive to me. Adding a dash of bold red, a pale celadon hue, and a glittery gold to the duo makes for a winning Christmas scheme. When further paired with classic Southern greenery, pink and green for Christmas feels elegant and traditional instead of "candy shop".

I'm so thrilled with how this Grandmillennial Southern Christmas look came together! I firmly believe in buying Christmas decor that will last years to come and is versatile. The pink and green ribbon was an investment, but look how versatile it is! Most of the other florals and ornaments I already owned as well, so I hope this proves you can take what you have, add a few new elements, and create a whole new look!

The other thing I adore about my pink and green Southern Christmas decor is how beautifully it coordinates with the style of my formal living room. This room is decorated in shades of green with bold patterned chintz, gingham, and Rose Medallion. The holiday decor feels part of the room versus clashing with it.

If you feel inspired to create a similar look in your home this Christmas, tune into my November 11th 2021 flash sale on Instagram. I will be offering many of the ornaments, stockings, and other decorative pieces perfect for a Grandmillennial Southern Christmas. There will be a number of Spode Christmas Tree pieces too!

Here are some sources around the web to explore as well:

Katherine places gold leaf in magnolia pine garland

Over on Instagram, I'm sharing a tutorial for creating this magnolia pine garland. It is saved in this highlight.

Get this garland look for your home with the pink and green ribbon by ordering one of my garland kits! See the lookbook here.

Happy Decorating!


  1. Nana on December 6, 2021 at 8:41 am

    Oh, I think your tree is so beautiful!!!

    • Katherine on December 6, 2021 at 11:14 am

      Thanks so much! I’m so pleased with how it turned out! Merry Christmas.

  2. Amber Boriskie on August 7, 2023 at 10:32 pm

    The pillar hurricane candle holders on the mantle and by the Fitz & Floyd Santaare gorgeous. Where did you find them, I adore them💕 must have

    • Katherine on August 8, 2023 at 12:02 pm

      Hi Amber! The candle holders are vintage, and I picked them up at an estate sale. The F&F Santa is the Gregorian style, and you can find him on eBay. Here is a good one:

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