Chintz Fabric Christmas Ornament DIY – No Sewing, No Gluing

Add a unique custom look to your Christmas tree with a chintz fabric Christmas ornament DIY!

Bubble up some hot cocoa, tune in to Hallmark’s Christmas dream land, and pull out your favorite fabrics I’ve got an easy Christmas ornament DIY that you can tailor to your tree theme.

Chintz fabric Christmas ornament DIY with Lee Jofa Althea hollyhock fabric in blush

If you’ve got a pretty piece of floral or chintz fabric you are just dying to use this Christmas, but there’s not enough to make a tree skirt or stockings let me suggest these super easy no sew, no glue fabric ornaments!

Literally, this craft won’t even take you the entire Hallmark movie, depending on how many you decide to make of course. I created eight of these chintz fabric Christmas ornaments in about an hour using a yard of fabric, 8 styrofoam balls, and some bits of ribbon! I did have a special helper elf…thanks Mom for being my hand model!

Here’s what you’ll need…

Flatlay look at materials needed to make DIY fabric ornaments, no sew, no glue

Chintz Fabric Christmas Ornament DIY Materials

Chintz Suggestions:

Step by Step Instructions to Make These Chintz Christmas Ornaments

Step One Measure and Cut Your Fabric

To cover our 3″ balls and have enough fabric at the top for a pretty fan we cut the fabric in 14″ x 14″ squares. When you cut the fabric with the pinking shears, remember one side will have the pretty scalloped edge and the other side will need to be turned and cut again.

Measure and cut fabric for chintz Christmas ornaments with pinking shears

Step Two Cut Ribbon & Tie Bows

Measure out 10″ lengths of ribbon for single loop bows like the pink velvet ones here. Make the length longer if you want more of a tail or multi-loops. See how I tie my single-loop bows here.

Step Three Cover & Pleat Balls

Place your styrofoam ball in the center of one square of cut fabric. Pull the opposite corners up to touch and then pinch the fabric together right above the top of the ball. Start working around the ball pulling the extra fabric in to make little pleats.

Pleating the chintz fabric Christmas ornaments

Step Four Using Wire or a Tie Cinch the Fabric

Secure your pleats at top of the ball with a bread tie or piece of wire.

Fabric tied shut with bread tie

Step Five Add the Bow

Push a piece of floral wire through back of bow then wrap it around the fabric where it is tied. This will cover up the tie. Fluff the fabric fan at the top and add the ornament hook to the back. Then you are ready to hang these pretty chintz fabric Christmas ornaments on your tree.

hook through wire on back of DIY fabric ornament


These easy DIY Christmas ornaments could be as simple or as dressy as you want. If you want to kick it up a notch use a second fabric under the one you want visible turned the opposite way, so that you see it in the folds of the fan at the top. You could also add pretty berries or greenery alongside the bow.

I hope you try this simple fabric ornament DIY for yourself and enjoy some crafting time with a festive Christmas movie!

See my full Grandmillennial Southern Christmas tree here!


  1. Elizabeth Balcerek on November 20, 2021 at 8:41 am

    Gee these are pretty great!

    • Katherine on December 1, 2021 at 7:09 am

      Thanks so much! Love how this simple idea can be used in so many variations!

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