When Grandmillennials Use Chinoiserie…

When? When do Grandmillennials use Chinoiserie? We do it all the time -- every good traditional interior does!


You'll remember that Chinoiserie /shin-wahz-ree/, French for Chinese-esque, is a design and décor style inspired by the art and culture of China, Japan, and other Asian countries. It developed in Europe in the 17th century as explorers and merchants began traveling to the far East and bringing back stories and drawings of this exotic locale as well as importing Asian silks, porcelain, and lacquerware. By the mid-1700’s a craze for all things Asian swept Europe, and designers, artists, and craftsmen there started to create their own fanciful versions of these wares.


Grandmillennial style and Chinoiserie decor go hand in hand, and it's hard to find a grandmillennial home without at least one ginger jar, a splash of blue and white, or an Asian inspired floral.

For this post I pulled images from some of my favorite Grandmillennial design accounts on Instagram to show you just how well the two styles compliment each other. I hope you'll feel inspired to mix these two styles and get some ideas on how to do it!

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When Grandmillennials use Chinoiserie ???

Peonies usually make an appearance...

@shellandchinoiserie showcases a classic blue and white ginger jar filled with pale pink peonies for a blend of grandmillennial and chinoiserie


Garden stools come out to play...

@societysocial always excels at a grandmillennial style with chinoiserie accents


Entertaining gets elevated...

@missjustinamarie creates a cozy grandmillennial vibe with chinoiserie accents


Blue and green is often seen...

Grandmillennials use Chinoiserie you get @meredithlewis05 's amazing display


Wicker is welcome...

@gretchenblack blends blush and blue with wicker decor for the perfect example of when grandmillennials use chinoiserie


Animals abound...

Swans and monkeys oh my! @hollychollon shows us how to pull in whimsical animals when Grandmillennials decorate with Chinoiserie


Patterns collide...

Chinoiserie patterns mix beautiful on these porch pillows from @designedbydixon


Botanicals blossom...

@stuckonhue does grandmillennial chinoiserie to perfection


Bamboo furniture is not far behind...

gorgeous bamboo trim chest shows Chinoiserie and Grandmillennial style combined


Topiaries flourish...

all the green from @madebymolliesmom


Plates plaster walls...

Rose Medallion plates decorate this yellow trellis wall for a lovely blend of grandmillennial and chinoiserie via @ashleybhanley


Gingham grows...

mixing pink and green to a tee from @lboriginals with pagoda gingham napkins


Kitchens get style...

classic blue and white from @annalouisewolfe with Chinoiserie accents for a Grandmillennial vibe


Dark woods dance...

@murpheybeckerart brings the elegance when she decorates with Grandmillennial and Chinoiserie styles


Gold mirrors gleam...

@penderandpeony is always blending Chinoiserie with her Grandmillennial style


Had to sneak in one image from yours truly, since I love using elements of Chinoiserie in my Grandmillennial decorating, especially Rose Medallion!

If you are interested in learning more about decorating with Chinoiserie blue and white read this or if you want to learn more about the history of the style check out this article on House Beautiful.

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