My Fall Mantel with Ginger Jars & Velvet Pumpkins

Decorate a traditional fall mantel with ginger jars and velvet pumpkins that feels luxurious and not the least bit farmhouse!

A formal living room with a fall mantel featuring velvet pumpkins, blue and white temple jars, coral red ginger jars, and autumn garland

What defines fall decor?

For me it’s luxurious color and texture, which means rich autumnal hues that reflect the changing leaves and cozy, slightly rustic textures. Fall decor should feel warm and inviting. It should echo the changing season and celebrate the autumnal harvest!

Fall Decor Without The Farmhouse

When I approach fall decorating in my formal living room, I try to complement the traditional, grandmillennial style of the decor. The mantel is one of the first places to get jazzed up for the season.

It can be tricky to add seasonal fall touches without veering too far into a rustic, farmhouse vibe, especially when most of the autumn decor out there in the stores is just that.

I avoided that look on my fall mantel by:

  • pairing elegant jewel tones with the autumnal oranges and browns;
  • using sumptuous materials like velvet;
  • introducing Chinoiserie ceramics;
  • playing with autumn motifs that don’t feel kitschy;
  • and accenting with unique fall florals.

Fall mantel with ginger jars and velvet pumpkins in Katherine's formal grandmillennial living room

Autumn mantel decor with ginger jars and velvet pumpkins


The Elements of My Fall Mantel With Ginger Jars

Jewel Tones

Jewel tone colors are a perfect complement to autumnal oranges, yellows, and browns. The colors feel rich and sophisticated, but not too dark.

I used a variety of jewel tones in the pumpkins and a deep teal blue color for the ribbon. These hues play off the bold falangcai style coral orange of the lotus ginger jars to stunning effect, while the classic blue and white of the large temple jars help ground the whole palette.

Shop the mini velvet pumpkins here and the larger ones here.

Sumptuous Materials

The use of sumptuous materials on my fall mantel are an essential component to helping the decor feel traditional and elegant. I love how the soft, rich feel of the velvets contrast with the bristle-y texture of the harvest garland and the smooth shine of the ceramics. These textures also help the whole space feel warm and cozy.

Chinoiserie Accents

If you want to avoid the rustic, farmhouse look in your fall decor, Chinoiserie is the answer!

I cannot overstate the importance of investing in classic Chinoiserie ceramics. You will find them key decorating accents regardless of the season, holiday, or location. These large blue and white double happiness jars can be used on the mantel, hearth, sideboard, or table. Filled with flowers or unadorned they look amazing. For a more bold pop this autumn opt for ceramics in this vibrant coral red glaze or multi-colored Imari is a classic choice as well.

Double happiness temple jar nestled on fall mantel

Elegant Autumn Motifs

My fall mantel with ginger jars incorporates autumn motifs like the pumpkins, harvest garland, and pheasant, but I’ve chosen versions of those motifs that feel traditional and sophisticated not kitschy. Elegant motifs can still feel festive and even witty just add a jaunty bow like this velvet one on my pheasant!

You’ll never believe it, but I found my pheasant statue last year at Kroger’s of all places. Here is a similar gold one.

Unique Fall Florals

Honestly, if I see another eucalyptus or cotton stem garland draped across a mantel with pumpkins, I might just scream! Don’t get me wrong those garlands are classics, but they are just so ubiquitous these days, and I’m ready for something new!

Enter this fabulous harvest garland, which looks like a florist dried all the golden hued grains and foliage and bound them into a garland. Of course, I found it at Hoskins in the Flat. They always have the best most unique faux florals. If you aren’t local to Clinton and can’t make it in to Hoskins, this oak leaf and broom corn garland is stunning.

The monochromatic palette of the garland feels modern and elegant, while the varying textures captivate the eye and add to the cozy autumn feel of this fall mantel.

Detail view of hearth and unique fall garland with velvet ribbons

I hope my fall mantel with ginger jars and velvet pumpkins inspires you to decorate your mantel for the autumn season in a way that stays true to your home decor style! For me that is grandmillennial!

Happy Decorating!

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