Autumn Floral Centerpiece Video Tutorial

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to create an autumn floral centerpiece using a vintage silver bowl, hydrangea, eucalyptus, tulips, roses, and mums.

Top view of autumn floral centerpiece in silver bowl nestled amongst pumpkins

Flower arranging is hard! There is picking the right floral combinations…finding a vase…manipulating the flowers in the right position…and of course prolonging the life of the arrangement!

I really get it, and it is only within the last year or so that I have started to master floral arranging, which is why I’m sharing this video tutorial showing you exactly how I created my autumn floral centerpiece for my fall table!

First step in arranging florals - insert foam in bowl or vase

The video shows you how I built this floral arrangement step by step, and I explain why I make certain design choices. I also share tips and tricks to achieve a beautiful centerpiece.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a beautiful floral centerpiece. All of these flowers came from our local grocery, and the silverplate bowl I bought at a thrift shop.

Autumn Floral Centerpiece Video Tutorial

Katherine creates foundation for arrangement with hydrangea and eucalyptus

Tips & Tricks to Remember When Arranging Flowers

No. 1 Always re-cut stems at a diagonal.

No. 2 Make sure your floral foam is completely wet all the way through the block.

No. 3 Cut away bottom foliage on stem to insert into foam and keep those leaves from decaying in water.

No. 4 Create a floral foundation using textural flowers and greenery to support larger more colorful flowers.

No. 5 Make the height of your centerpiece double the height of its container.

Katherine uses canterbury bells to set the height of the arrangement

No. 6 Use a mix of florals to add color, shape, and texture.

No. 7 Allow space in-between florals and greenery so arrangement doesn’t look too compact and ball like.

No. 8 Use filler flower in contrasting and complementary colors to highlight main flowers.

No. 9 Don’t be afraid to gently manipulate flower stems and leaves to position them.

No. 10 It always takes more flowers than you think you need to make a large lush autumn floral centerpiece!

Katherine reaches out to fluff flower in centerpiece

I truly hope this video and my flower arranging tips and tricks helps you create a stunning autumn floral centerpiece!

You can read the full fall tablescape with details in this post.

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