Grandmillennial Bedding Under $300

From pretty chintz quilts to percale sheets to monogrammed pillows, shop for quality grandmillennial bedding at a great price point with Katherine’s edit.

Katherine places monogrammed pillow on bed with grandmillennial bedding

There is just something about a freshly made bed with crisp, cool sheets and a pretty quilt that makes you want to crawl right in! Am I right?

The magic of new bedding is undeniable and when done up in charming florals, pastel hues, and exceptional quality linens you’ve got grandmillennial paradise.

Grandmillennial, as you are probably aware by now, is a fresh design take on traditional style. It is a bit lighter and brighter, a bit more eclectic, and a bit more receptive to modern utility. Grandmillennial still celebrates the classics, adores feminine touches, and encourages that crucial dash of personality.

So…grandmillennial bedding is pretty, patterned, well made, and with tailored embellishments. But it refrains from the Victorian lacy frou-frou.

Quality linens can quickly become costly. In this post, I’ve rounded up a charming selection of sheets, blankets, coverlets, and pillows at reasonable price points under $300 all with that lovely grandmillennial flair!

Grandmillennial Bedding Under $300:

Quality Sheets

Quality percale sheets make all the difference to a comfortable sleep

The sheets on my bed are Thomas Lee 500 thread count percale. I am recently converted to the fan club for percale. It is a special way of weaving the threads that results in a crisp, thick sheet that allows for more air flow, creating a more comfortable sleep. These are the best sheets I have ever slept in hands down! Yes, I was gifted these, but no that does not influence how well I sleep in them!

At $220-295 for a full set of sheets plus pillow cases, these sheets are a steal, and I‘ve got a 20% off code for you. Use Katherine20 when checking out!

Sheets are really worth investing in high quality because one they directly touch your body; two you will use them for years to come; and three they mean a better night’s sleep!

Pretty Quilts, Coverlets, & Blankets

Katherine lounging in bed with pink chintz quilt and silver breakfast tray

I recently stumbled across this gorgeous pink chintz quilt from Waverly at Belk on sale for….$86! That’s a king size quilt from a trusted classic grandmillennial brand for under $100. High fives all around!

I am just pleased as punch with how this quilt brightened my bedroom, and I love the romantic, traditional flair the chintz pattern adds. A chintz quilt is classic grandmillennial bedding!

Bed Pillows & Shams

Turned down bed with Katherine's monogram on pillow and silver breakfast tray

My bed is decorated with a pair of Lands’End shams in the cane weave trim that I had embroidered locally with my married monogram. Lands’End has lovely monograms, but they don’t do this big size. I love the preppy Southern touch the monogram gives my bed, and it’s a classic design that I can use no matter the season or how I change the coverlet.

Floral pillows are another great choice for grandmillennial bedding. I selected pastel options above in smaller patterns to keep it simple.

Breakfast in bed is all the sweeter with grandmillennial bedding

Breakfast in bed is all the sweeter with pretty grandmillennial bedding, especially when it didn’t cost you an arm and a leg!

Happy Shopping!


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