A Romantic Picnic on the Pond

Katherine in blue dress carries picnic basket across stream

It’s a fine summer day in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and I’m in the mood for a picnic — a picnic on the pond!

Let’s escape the heat and monotonous chores piling up at home and head to the farm. Grab your picnic basket, some yummy fare, and a bottle or two of wine…OK make that three!

Katherine in blue dress crosses stream in front of Victorian cottage for a picnic

We will wile away the afternoon by the pond, sipping and noshing without a care in the world!

Vintage quilt laid out as picnic basket for a picnic by the pond

Katherine sets flowers on the picnic table

Picnic blanket and table set up for some romantic al fresco dining in the mountains

In a shady spot, throw out a quilt and set up a little table and chairs…

picnic on the pond in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Fill our plates with the best in summer picnic fare…

Picnic table set with vintage dishes, cloth napkins, and silver. Plates filled with chicken salad and fruit.

From home-made chicken salad to summer’s sweetest fruits…

Summer picnic on the pond with table set

And for dessert? An ice-box key lime pie will just suit!

Key lime pie in wicker tray with plates

Open picnic basket filled with goodies and key lime pie ready to eat!

Katherine faces away sitting on picnic blanket with straw hat on and blue ribbon

We’ll pretend it is Avonlea and Gilbert is coming to tease us, hiding frogs in our baskets!

Picnic on the pond with Katherine walking in distance

Or maybe stroll around the pond and dance in the sun.

Katherine dancing in sun on a romantic picnic on the pond

Katherine's blue dress swishes in the wind

Mustn’t waste a perfectly full swishy skirt!

But after while in the evening heat we’ll dose off to lovely dreams of picnics gone by…

Katherine naps on picnic blanket


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