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Join Pender & Peony's curio wish list for help acquiring the art, furniture, decor, antiques, and vintage goodies you've got your heart set on!

I’m making it official!

I’ve heard from so many of you who are searching for a particular curio you’ve set your heart on using in your decor or on your table. Maybe it is a unique ginger jar or a set of dishes your grandmother owned. Maybe it is totally sentimental or maybe it is just a curio you love how it looks.

The trouble is you can’t locate this treasure on your own or you can’t find it within your budget. For some of you scouring thrift shops and online auctions just isn’t your thing!

Don’t worry because it is mine!

I’ve been keeping an informal wish list (mainly in my head and in my IG message list) of all you who reached out. In fact, I’ve found many of the treasures for which you’ve been hunting already. But quite frankly the list has grown too large for me to keep track, so I decided to make the wish list official.

Today, I’m announcing the P&P Curio Wish List!

The Curio Wish List will function like an e-mail subscriber group, but you will only really hear from me with a eureka notice.

The idea is to formally tell me what you are looking for and how I can contact you as well as some other pertinent information like budget and shipping details.

How it works:

Once you join the list, I’ll personally hunt the art, furniture, decor, antiques, and vintage goodies on your most wanted list. Those on the list will get first dibs on the curio before I put it in a flash sale. When I find the item(s) I will send you photos, measurements, and a price.

You will need to respond to the eureka notice in a timely manner (within 5 hours) as there may be other interested buyers on the Curio Wish List. I will contact you based on the order you joined the list, but use a rotating cycle so that everyone has a shot at getting first dibs.

Some brands like Bordallo Pinheiro are so popular that not every piece can be offered to wish list subscribers. After all, I have to keep the weekly sales going. If the item is expensive (over $150) or bulky and difficult to ship, I may require a downpayment of 50% of purchase price before acquiring it for you.

Sound good?

Click the image to join now!

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