Plaids Before Lads: 5 Winter Plaid Pieces to Add to Your Wardrobe

Give me all the plaid! 5 winter plaid pieces to add to your wardrobe + a cheeky work wear look!

Blonde woman wearing pink moto jacket - graphic tee - and plaid skirt

Plaid is a staple in my closet, particularly in the winter months when you need the cozy warmth plaid entails. There are so many options with winter plaids. You can dress them up or down and mix them with other fun prints.

I’m not sure when my love of winter plaid pieces began…somewhere between Vera Ellen’s black and white plaid circle skirt in White Christmas and Hepburn’s dress coat in How to Steal a Million. Yes, I had a slight obsession with classic 50’s and 60’s movies as a teen!

Too there is my Scottish heritage, which may have simply instilled a love of plaids genetically!?

5 winter plaid pieces to add to your wardrobe - plaid skirt

Obviously, when I ran across this graphic tee, I couldn’t resist buying it. I love a good witty quip, don’t you? Although I am not one for t-shirts since my college days, every now and again I find myself enchanted by a graphic tee with one of these witticisms like this blue and pink cutey!

Blonde woman wearing graphic tee and pink moto jacket

Enough said y’all!

Blonde woman wearing graphic tee, plaid skirt, moto jacket for 5 winter plaid pieces you need in your wardrobe

Get My Look

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The 5 Winter Plaid Pieces to Add to Your Wardrobe Right Now

Anyone can add a plaid flannel shirt to their wardrobe for fall and winter, but true plaid addicts are more adventurous! Invest in one of these winter plaid pieces for a festive and chic look!

Collage of the 5 winter plaid pieces you need to add to your wardrobe: plaid skirts, blazers, capes, flats, and holiday dresses

No. 1 The Plaid Skirt

Buffalo Check Skirt // Taffeta Party Skirt // Plaid Wrap Skirt

No. 2 The Plaid Cape

Black, Blue and Green Poncho // Tartan Cape // Black and White Windowpane Cape

No. 3 The Plaid Flat

Black and White Houndstooth Mule // Taupe Loafer // Tartan Pointed Ballet

No. 4 The Plaid Blazer

Tartan Blazer // Black and White with Yellow Blazer // Pink and Green Blazer

No. 5 The Plaid Holiday Dress

Ruffle Maxi // Tie Sleeve Plaid // Green Plaid Shirtdress

Blonde woman wearing plaid skirt - one of the 5 winter plaid pieces you need in your wardrobe

Graphic tees are not something I usually associate with work wear, but the two are not mutually exclusive either. As long as the tee is not vulgar you can don one of these quippy shirts for a fun office look when paired with the right clothing and accessories.

Of course if you work in the corporate world with a “formal” business dress code, a graphic tee will never be acceptable. Just like staring at a plate of fried chicken, and someone says there’s only unsweet tea! Simply unacceptable! I think there is a graphic tee quip in there somewhere.?

I love this look for work. It is cheeky, but still sophisticated!

5 winter plaid pieces for work - blonde woman gazes in distance wearing pink moto jacket and plaid skirt

Tory Burch fleming bag and Jon Josef metallic pumps

Feels good to be plaid!



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