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New Adventures in Tennessee

In March S. and I embarked on a tremendous change. We left good ole Caroline for the Tennessee foothills. That’s right I no longer live under a Carolina sky. We’ve traded our blue for orange, and we are learning the lyrics to “Rocky Top.” But the view of the Appalachian valley from our new house is just enough compensation.

We found a real charmer for our new home. Built in the 1960’s, it is a white brick colonial with a double door entry and crescent drive way. We were immediately drawn to the house’s classic beauty: there is a marble entry, chandeliers, oversized windows, 2 fireplaces, custom wrought iron doors, and fencing, and a balcony with a view. We love the layout, which includes formal and casual living spaces and enough bedrooms to host our family for Christmas. The house’s location in a well-kept neighborhood with older homes and the pool in the back yard fully tipped the scale.

Side view of new house with driveway
Side view of new house with driveway

Side view

Front view of new house
Front view of new house

For all this home’s charm and stately character, it has been rather neglected in recent years. There is an aging roof needing repair; a kitchen in desperate need of updating (hello 1980’s appliances); and odd bathrooms. The thing is though is that these things need doing as quickly as possible because I don’t really like the idea of living in a house that has an old roof, as well as the interior not being up to my taste. I’ve been told by a friend to contact a company similar to these austin roofing contractors as she uses them in Texas and said if I can find one that is close to the services they offer, then it will be a job well done. So, I will have to try and find one soon so at least that will be something less that I will need to worry about. Let’s not forget to mention an interesting blend of 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s decor choices that I simply cannot stand (let’s talk wallpaper). S. and I seriously debated whether we were up for this challenge. In fact, we put in an offer on another house first. I wasn’t sure we should tackle a total house renovation after just finishing the kitchen remodel at the Concord house — the stress, the fights, the endless decisions. We should have filmed ourselves. One thing I think we can agree on is getting house insurance for our lovely new home. A friend suggested that I look into the best homeowners insurance so we can get the coverage we need for our beautiful new home.

Front Door

Despite all of this the house had too much potential to resist, so when our offer on the other property fell through we moved on this one. We both love to transform spaces and revitalize the neglected or overlooked, and we wanted a home with character and a history. This house has both plus good bones. Really how could we resist.

Since moving in, I’ve had more doubts, and thought maybe we should have resisted a bit more strongly. A few unexpected hiccups like the major kitchen appliances all dying the first week had me really questioning our decision. I had heard about jimgarciahomes.com that were beautiful which started surfacing in my mind again after all these hiccups, but I know that Colorado is just too far for us to live; even the jump to Tennessee was big enough. S. has been more positive, tackling each new trial with resolve and his usual can-do attitude. Additionally, our family has been amazing, coming to help us move and unpack not to mention all the cleaning they have done. So I am staying motivated by focusing on the end result and making plans for the renovation designs and decor. Stay tuned for all the changes!


Living Room, Dining Room, and Powder Room:

Original dining room in our house painted in cream with burgandy wallpaper border and heavy curtains

Kitchen and Family Room:


Upstairs Hall
Guest Room
Guest Bathroom
Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom
Master Bathroom



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