How to Prepare for Your Bridal Portraits

Bridal portrait of young woman in wedding dress dancing in ballroom.

Don’t make the same mistakes I did when getting my bridal portraits done! Here’s what you need to know about the bridal photo shoot and how to be fully prepared. Growing up your family photo wall was probably filled with quirky school pictures, travel snapshots, posed family portraits as well as images of joyous celebrations,…

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Dress Code – Wedding Guest Attire 101

Wedding guest attire demystified! 4 wedding guest looks for a semi-formal wedding.

Wedding guest attire demystified! Learn the secret to knowing how casual or formal to dress for all the weddings on your social calendar. It is June and wedding season is officially here! If your mailbox has filled with lovely paper confections, than it is time to get shopping and decide just the right wedding outfit…

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7 Signs You Are at a Southern Wedding

Couple monogram decorates seating card display at this Southern wedding.

Ever wonder what makes a Southern wedding so distinctive? Read about 7 Southern wedding traditions and peculiarities that express our unique Southern joie de vivre. The cutting of the cake… the first dance… the throwing of the bouquet… When you are planning a wedding, there are lots of choices to make. Indoor or outdoor venue? Bold…

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