7 Signs You Are at a Southern Wedding

Couple monogram decorates seating card display at this Southern wedding.

Ever wonder what makes a Southern wedding so distinctive? Read about 7 Southern wedding traditions and peculiarities that express our unique Southern joie de vivre. The cutting of the cake… the first dance… the throwing of the bouquet… When you are planning a wedding, there are lots of choices to make. Indoor or outdoor venue? Bold…

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Wedding Memories: The Reception

Three Years to the Day! Happy Anniversary S.! For our wedding reception, S. and I just wanted to throw a big party where everyone could “eat, drink, and be merry!” as they say. In the end, I think we pulled it off. There was dancing, laughter, reminiscing, precious moments, and frivolity all around. Our guests…

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Wedding Details

Newly married couple stands in front of church

Katherine Emma To Seth Wright Medlin Firday, the Twenty-First of June Two Thousand Thirteen Setting: Central United Methodist & The Hotel Concord Concord, North Carolina Season: Spring Style: Southern Classic How We Met S. and I are both from a small, rural community in the mountains of North Carolina — population of roughly 40,000. But…

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Wedding Memories: The Ceremony

S. and I just celebrated our second wedding anniversary this past weekend. We frequently joke that it feels more like 20 years, but I recognize two years is not a huge milestone. With this anniversary, I find myself reflecting more on our wedding and the journey we’ve taken so far. Here is a look back…

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