An Afternoon Tour at Blount Mansion

An afternoon Tour at Blount Mansion. Check out this historic house of Knoxville. Home of William Blount. Wonderful piece of Southern and American history.

As a newcomer to Knoxville and a public historian, I’ve made it my goal to visit all of the 7 historic homes of Knoxville. I like to start learning about a new city by delving into its past! So far I’ve spent a festive evening at the Mabry-Hazen House and a lovely afternoon tour at…

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How Should We React to Hillary’s Nomination?

Quote from speech by Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Click on through to

We could have a woman president in November! In watching the coverage of the DNC and reading reactions to Hillary’s nomination, I was struck by the number of comments from women who felt that her nomination was not a big deal. They felt it was not a historic moment for women and feminism, and they…

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