A Green & White Springtime Table with Wedgwood

Set a charming green and white springtime table with Wedgwood, tulips, cabbage ware, and lace to celebrate the season and highlight spring’s delightfully fresh foods.

Springtime table in green and white with Wedgwood Patrician dishes, cabbage ware, and floral bouquet of tulips, bells of Ireland, and calla lillies

I come by my love of dishes quite honestly! My grandmother bought dishes constantly. Never anything really fancy or antique, but she had special plates and bowls for certain meals and foods, always a whimsical piece like cow creamers, and there were bud vases galore.

With my love of history, entertaining, and art, it would only make sense that I find antique and vintage china and ceramics fascinating. Literally, everyday I find a “new to me” eye catching pattern that secures itself a place in my dream china room. Think The China Room at Blenheim Palace. Lofty goals, I know, but yes I totally want a room filled with plates on display!

From Dresden florals to narrative Spode and Herend classics to French Majolica there are just so many patterns and manufacturers to love, but one brand that will forever and always hold a top spot on my covet list is Wedgwood.

Most of us hear Wedgwood and immediately think of their pale blue Jasperware collection, and indeed this matte stoneware is truly unique in terms of coloring, material, and Classical motifs, but there are so many more delicious Wedgwood styles that deserve regard.

Wedgwood Patrician Robert soup bowls on a purple glass charger make an elegant look for springtime tables

The one I want to bring to your attention today is Patrician, which features an elegant embossed floral and scroll rim whose stylistic qualities are aptly named. The Patrician pattern is part of Wedgwood’s Queen’s Ware line, which is a cream colored earthenware made popular when Queen Charlotte ordered a set from Josiah Wedgwood in the 1760s.

For more on the history of Wedgwood read this.

Patrician comes in a variety of iterations from simple cream to transfer printed landscapes and washed blue to floral sprays. This particular version on my green and white springtime table is from the 1920-30s and called Robert. It showcases lovely transfer printed bouquets of flowers with a green laurel leaf border. It is just a charming design for spring tables!

Wedgwood Patrician Robert soup bowls on a purple glass charger make an elegant look for springtime tables

Can’t you just imagine these bowls filled with a delicious stew or shaved asparagus salad?

Playing off these dishes in green and white, the tablescape features a lovely white lace tablecloth, green coupes, Jeanette high balls in the Wedgwood style design, and hints of purple and pink for a fresh, but tasteful look.

The faux bamboo flatware adds a rustic touch and is available at an unbelievable price of $28 here.

Straight on view of entire green and white tablescape perfect for spring meals

All of the tableware and dishes will be available on 3/4/21 in the Thursday night flash sale on my Instagram page.

Angle view of springtime table in green and white with Wedgwood Patrician bowls and purple glass chargers

The spring centerpiece features a bouquet of bells of Ireland, calla lilies, tulips, and pale pink snap dragons. All arranged in this Chinoiserie style fluted square vase.

Spring bouquet of calla lilies, tulips, snap dragons, and bells of Ireland

These florals combined with the fresh feeling green and white scheme on this springtime table certainly put me in the mood for warm weather and pretty blooms! The Wedgwood Patrician dishes are a gorgeous choice to complement this look!

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