3 Antiques to Repurpose as Unique Christmas Ornaments

Looking for a unique Christmas ornament idea? Love vintage and antiques? Here are 3 antiques you can repurpose into charming and unique Christmas ornaments!

? O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree
How lovely are thy branches
O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree
How lovely are thy branches…

Especially when bedecked with unique Christmas ornaments transformed from vintage and antique curios!

Don’t we all love an easy DIY that repurposes something from times long past? I know I do! Hence my dreaming and scheming ideas to create unique Christmas ornaments out of 3 charming antiques that you often find out thrifting and antiquing here in the South: horses brasses, Wedgwood Jasperware trinket dishes, and vintage brooches!

That’s right you can easily turn all 3 of these curios into Christmas tree ornaments with a little ribbon or even a pretty tassel. That’s it! That is all you need to do this, and of course the antiques themselves, but I’m willing to bet many of you Peonies have these goodies already in your collections.

Let’s take a look shall we?

3 antiques remade into unique Christmas ornaments: horse brasses, Jasperware trinket dishes, and vintage brooches

Aren’t they just charming tied up with ribbon?

3 antiques remade into unique Christmas ornaments: horse brasses, Jasperware trinket dishes, and vintage brooches

3 Antiques Repurposed as Unique

Christmas Ornaments:

Horse Brasses

These beautiful brass medallions were once commonly used on horse harnessing. They come in all kinds of styles and motifs, depicting everything from family crests, trades, animals, agricultural tools, heraldic devices, and more. Learn more about collecting horse brasses here.

These medallions make perfect Christmas tree ornaments:

  • They are shiny and gold;

  • They are just the right size for hanging on the tree;

  • And the variety of motifs means you can find ones that fit your taste and hobbies!

Slip a piece of beautiful plaid or velvet ribbon through the top slot and these unique Christmas ornaments are ready to go on your tree!

Vintage horse brass medallion of a horse tied with red velvet ribbon

Vintage brooch pinned on green tassel

Vintage Brooches

I love vintage brooches and always find beautiful pieces when I’m hunting estate sales or thrift shops. Pin them on to a beautiful bow or tassel to add them to your Christmas tree for a bit of bling and extra sparkle!

There is such a variety out there of vintage jewelry in all price ranges. You can find colors, motifs, and specific gems to coordinate with your Christmas tree theme or look. This unique Christmas ornament would make a lovely hostess gift idea too!

Here I pinned a gorgeous green brooch from Vintage Meet Modern‘s collection on a sassy green tassel for a unique ornament. I am so excited to partner with VMM in December on a specially curated collection for y’all. More details soon!

Wedgwood Jasperware Trinket Dishes

From the pastel hues to the Classical cameo designs, Wedgwood’s Jasperware line is timeless and elegant decor. Jasperware is a type of fine-grained, unglazed stoneware first created by the English potter Josiah Wedgwood.

The colors and Neoclassical designs were extremely popular with Georgian consumers, rivaling Chinese porcelain in its allure. Grandmillennials and lovers of traditional decor are making it poplar again, and I think it is a lovely compliment to your Christmas tree. In fact, I bedecked an entire tabletop size tree in my dining room with Jasperware trinket dishes.

Learn how I created these pretty ornaments and see the tree here!

Green Wedgwood Jasperware ashtray as ornament

These unique Christmas ornaments repurposed from antique curios are just charming on the tree. Look!

Vintage swan horse brass hung on Christmas tree with plaid ribbon

Here is a merry group of horse brasses adding some shine and whimsy to my traditional Christmas tree in the den.

Vintage brooches make unique Christmas ornaments just tie them with some ribbon for hanging or add to a pretty tassel

The vintage brooch and tassel sure do sparkle!

Blue spade shaped Jasperware trinket dish hung on tree as unique Christmas ornament

I love the blue and white accent the Jasperware dish adds!

I hope this post inspires you to get creative with your ornaments this year, and think about what antiques or vintage curios you could hang on your Christmas tree for a charming twist!

Tune in to my Instagram sale Tuesday November 24th at 8PM EST to shop these unique Christmas ornaments and more!

Happy Decorating!

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