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Floral Garland DIY

Set a pretty and elegant table with this faux floral garland DIY!

Set a pretty and elegant table with this easy floral garland DIY!

If you’ve been cruising Pinterest lately (maybe a little too often, I admit), then you’ve probably seen the beautiful tablescapes with floral garland laid as a runner down the center of the table.  I’m in love with this look, but I haven’t wanted to spend the energy to make one when the flowers will only wilt.  It just seems like too much effort!

Then I stumbled across two beautiful bunches of faux floral bouquets at Marshalls – one with pink roses and one with pink and white ranunculus. I’m usually not a big fan of faux florals, but these bouquets were simply lovely and inexpensive ($12 each). I realized with the right faux flowers I could create my own floral garland DIY, and the best part is I can re-use it!

I decorated my Galentine’s Day brunch tablescape with this floral garland, and today, I’m sharing this DIY with you lovely peonies, so you can make one too!

Create your own floral table runner with this floral garland DIY! Only 3 materials needed!


  • 3 Bunches of flowers – 2 or 3 different varieties – 36 flowers total made 26 inches of garland
  • Green floral wire
  • Needle nose pliers

Steps to Make a Floral Garland DIY:

  1. Pull all but 4-5 of the heads of the flowers off the stems.
  2. Cut floral wire in 3 inch sections and curl one end as small as possible.
  3. Thread cut floral wire through the center of the flower heads, pulling curled end down in petals.
  4. Start garland with 1 of the long stemmed flowers and wrap the other flower heads with wire around this stem.
  5. Continue adding flowers to stem until you are almost to the end of the first flower stem then add another long stemmed flower to the garland.  Keep going until you reach desired length.

Create a floral table runner with this easy floral garland DIY

Celebrate your gal pals this weekend with this inspirational Galentine's Day Brunch tablescape + bar cart! Decorate in pink and white with a gorgeous floral garland and fun conversation hearts.

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