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Kitchen Makeover

As you may remember, S. and I started renovating the kitchen at the end of 2014. I am finally ready to share pics of how it all turned out. We could not be happier with how everything came together. For anyone looking into a possible kitchen remodel, I cannot recommend it more. So many of us spend a good amount of time in the kitchen; refreshing the space makes for a new and exciting atmosphere, and makes cooking much more appealing. When starting a renovation of your kitchen, make sure you hire trusty services like Remodel Works to bring your dream space to life and in a way that is tailored to the individual. As for my renovation, I am so glad that I took down the wall between the dining room and kitchen. It really opened up the space and made it much easier to entertain. The Ikea cabinets offer brilliant organizational options, and we are slightly obsessed with our KitchenAid appliances.

The New Gas Range


Gotta Love Granite!
The Bar


The Coffee Nook

Before the remodel, our kitchen was just this one side of the room with nothing on the other side. All we can figure is that the builders intended that side to be a breakfast nook, but this did not seem practical to us. We needed more cabinet space and elbow room, since S. and I like to cook in the kitchen together. Scroll on down to view the slideshow of demolition photos.



You know I had to sneak Henry in for at least one shot!



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