Elegance on the Half Shell – The Oyster Plate

Elegant antique oyster plate - refined dining must have

Entertain in style with the ever elegant oyster plate, delighting refined diners since the 1800’s. Learn more about these charming dishes, their history and how to collect. Candlelight flickers, music stirs the air, and elegant florals cascade across the table as guests saunter into the dining room. Chairs are pulled, napkins unfurled, and delighted chatter…

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Morimoto Restaurant Maui

Eat @ Morimoto This was probably the most romantic, luxurious dining experience I have ever had. Surrounded by 180 degree ocean, beach views and seated under the stars, S. and I relaxed back and let the chef’s 8 course tasting menu lead us through the evening. Morimoto restaurant is the namesake of Chef Masaharu Morimoto (yes of…

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The Mill House

Eat @ The Mill House As the main restaurant on the Maui Tropical Plantation, the Mill House is the ultimate in farm to table dining. At the helm of the culinary experience is Executive Chef Jeff Scheer who is creating a unique and timely menu with ingredients that are literally grown yards from the kitchen. If the food…

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