Simple Strategies for Going Green

A simple going green strategy is to swap your light bulbs for LEDs

4 simple and practical strategies to help us in going green to reduce our carbon footprint and be more environmentally conscious. This sweet little mountain landscape painting found its way to me a few weeks ago, jumping out at me amongst piles of bric-a-brac and discarded clothing in this hole in the wall thrift store…

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Going Green: 15 Eco-Friendly Products to Shop Now

Collage of 15 eco-friendly products to use in your efforts going green

Put your everyday dollars into eco-friendly household and personal products that are better for the environment! This post shares brands making an effort to go green and 15 items you can shop right now to make a difference! Click on a picture below to shop (affiliate links included): Choosing eco-friendly products is not always easy,…

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