The Gracious Living Manifesto

Slow down and choose with more intention.

Cultivate personal growth not perfection.

Act with gratitude in our hearts.

Speak with more civility and lavish kindness.

Celebrate that which is timeless and delightful.

Gracious living and Southern hospitality at its finest with a Wedgewood vase filled with pink peonies.

I like to think myself a smart woman who has gumption in spades, celebrates charm and color, welcomes adventure, and appreciates everyday beauty!

Did I describe you too?

But if like me, you have a mile long to do list;

Urgent hands pulling you in a million different directions;

And often feel undermined by flawed expectations;

It can be hard to live up to that charming personality.

Am I right?

That's when I turn to my gracious living manifesto for guidance!

Start by changing your mindset...

Adopt a Gracious Disposition!

~ Use positivity, gratitude, and civility to cultivate personal growth not perfection, overcome the emotional rollercoaster, and grow joy!

blue and white graphic that says spark gratitude, grow joy, and overcome stress

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