5 Steps to Makeover Your Entryway Closet

Create an organized entryway closet with these 5 tips

Create an organized entryway with these 5 steps from my entryway closet makeover A few weeks ago I let y’all in on a little secret – my entryway closet chaos! That’s right I confessed to creating a total disaster zone in the three closets that line the wall of my entryway. There was a jumble…

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A Gracious Traditional Dining Room

Decorating a gracious traditional dining room with aqua blue walls, wainscoting, french provincial details, and luxury fabrics

We have been in our new house almost 10 months! Wow! I can hardly believe it. We have accomplished so much least of which is new wiring, new kitchen appliances (the old ones all quit within about a week-ha), and about 40% of the wallpaper is gone! I’ve been slowly working on decorating plans for…

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8 Tricks to DIY Wainscoting

DIY Wainscoting in the Dining Room. Learn the tricks to putting up molding on penderandpeony.com

Progress is finally being made on our renovations! Progress you can really see! Over the weekend S. and I completed our dining room DIY wainscoting and chair rail project. Who am I kidding? S. did most of the work; he is a jack of all trades: a mechanic, a carpenter, and one hell of a…

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The Benefits of a Home Design Collage

A Home Design Collage is really useful. Learn more at penderandpeony.com

I ? Southern Living, and I know y’all to do! This month’s issue featured the Southern Living 50th Anniversary Idea House. Its gorgeous. Go check it out if you haven’t. Anyway the spread inspired me to do an actual home design collage or mood board instead of just a digital one for my whole house.…

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Remodeling and Decor Inspirations

We’ve officially been in our new house two months! Here are some design inspirations for our remodeling plans: As I finish this post, some important design themes are popping out at me: First, my desire for a black, white, and gold color scheme in the bathrooms and kitchen as I think this is such a…

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Tips for Your Kitchen Renovation

What do most of us want from our kitchens today? Cooking Space | Storage | A Place to Entertain | Style Kitchens today are very much the heart of our homes, especially for those who love cooking. But we expect so much more from this space than just food prep. We expect to gather there,…

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