3 Things You Should Know About Rose Medallion

A stunning collection of antique Rose Medallion porcelains displayed on a sideboard

Curio IQ Series: Let’s take a short and sweet lesson in antiques! The 3 things you should know before buying and collecting Rose Medallion porcelains. I have a collector’s passion for Rose Medallion. I am always hunting interesting antique forms and hoping to land that sought after piece for a steal! Sharing my knowledge about…

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Rose Medallion 101: Building a Collection

Flat lay image of various Famille Rose porcelains from the Chinese export market, featuring Rose Medallion

A Collector’s guide to understanding and buying Rose Medallion. What makes Rose Medallion so appealing? Is it the darling details? The whimsical flora and fauna? The curious figures strolling about in gardens? Or perhaps the vibrant play of colors? No doubt the appeal is a combination of all of these characteristics, and really it is…

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