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Fall Fashion Essentials

The fall fashion essentials you need for a cozy, stylish autumn!

The fall fashion essentials you need for a cozy, stylish autumn: the comfy turtleneck, the lady handbag, the cozy scarf, the quilted vest, the embellished sleeve, the statement coat, and the dressy sneaker! I’m not usually a fan of neutrals for fall fashion, but this year I am craving subdued cream, de-saturated camel, ice blue, …

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Nothing beats fall fashion! I feel inspired anew every year as the humidity decreases, the leaves start to change, and crisp, cool air greets me in the morning. Red is a chic color choice any time of the year, but it is particularly popular in the fall.  Lately I’ve been attracted to this intense, vibrant …

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Spring Edit

I’m loving lady-like details, vintage patterns, and pale Carolina blue this spring. Can’t wait to adopt some of these trends and pieces into my wardrobe. Enjoy! 1. Boden French Knot Cardi $158 on sale; 2. Boden Polly Point Flats $94 on sale; 3. J. Crew Japanese Poplin Swing Trench $138; 4. Love’s Affect Spring Bee Bracelet …

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Matchy-Matchy: Coordinating Prints

In high school, it was such an insult to label someone’s outfit “matchy-matchy.”  Overly coordinated outfits were so passé; something our mothers did — totally not young and hip. But now outfits with coordinated prints are all the rage, and I will admit I love it, especially when there is a fun plaid or elaborate floral …

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Cranberry Crush

I am daydreaming of fall with its crisp air and riotous color change as the dog days of summer dwindle.  More than any other color this season, I am drawn to a luscious hue of burgundy: CRANBERRY.  It is warm, rich, and irresistible.  I plan on wearing it in monochromatic looks and pairing it with …

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Citrus Hues

The tart flavors of lime, grapefruit, lemon, and orange add vibrancy to any summer cocktail or dish.  Let these hues energize your wardrobe as the summer heat intensifies, and pastels seem oh so subdued.  Choose one citrus color for an unexpected pop or pair them together to really create a bold look. 1. JCrew Panama …

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