A gorgeous still life painting of gathered florals in a blue willow vase -- shop now on Curio Collected at penderandpeony.com

Southern Art

from TN artist Lydia Reynolds

A charming collection of original art works from TN artist Lydia Reynolds!

Add whimsical critters, fancy florals, and stunning blue and white to your walls with one of Lydia's endearing creations. You'll even find a revamped hand painted lamp or two!

Lydia Reynolds has lived in Chattanooga for the past 60 years. She graduated from the University of TN at Chattanooga with a BS in art and has been an avid painter her whole life. She loves to work on murals and commissions, and she finds inspiration in her love of nature and gardening. Thoughtful publications like Victoria Magazine appeal to her love of romantic treasures from eras gone by, and she is always eager for a trip to the South of France.

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