Small Green Artichoke Tulipiere


A whimsical piece for floral arrangements!

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These small 9″ H contemporary green artichoke shaped tulipieres are just right for a cheery floral display on a coffee table or smaller dining table. They break down into 2 pieces, and are easy to fill with water.

The elegant green hue looks so charming with the pretty colors of tulips, roses, or peonies.


Have you heard of Tulipmania? 🌷When 17th century Holland went crazy over tulips and the market inflated these pretty bulbs to a coveted luxury item equal to gold? Well…tulipieres were just the vessel to display these extravagant flowers in because each slot carefully supports the stem of the gently curving tulip.

Some tulipieres were even created to completely grow the bulb inside not just arrange cut flowers. Tulipieres of the time would have also been used to arrange crocus and hyacinth — newly imported bulbs from the East.

Size: 9.25″H x 6.5″D.


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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 8 in