1:1 Business Coaching for Vintage & Antique Purveyors




Want personal coaching to grow your vintage and antiques shop?

I’m happy to offer 1:1 coaching to provide personalized strategies and assessment of your shop. We can work over the phone, via video calls, or in person if you are local to me in East T.N.

A hour 1:1 coaching session includes a question and answer strategy session and a evaluative assessment of your shop website and/or Instagram profile with an action plan for improvement that looks at the following key components:

  1. Visuals
  2. Engagement
  3. Curio descriptions
  4. Marketing

In addition to the Pender & Peony blog, Katherine runs an Instagram antiques shop:

  • With over 14k followers
  • A sell-through rate between 70-100%
  • And weekly sales that regularly generate $1000+

Explore THE CURIO ACADEMY – a new project from P&P offering informative courses to help antique sellers thrive online!