Fall Living Room Decor

Fall decor in the living room with antiques, vintage brass, gingham ribbon, and pumpkins

Take a peek inside my home all dressed for autumn. We’ll explore my fall living room decor where little touches of the season mingle with antiques, chintz, and grandmillennial style! In the living room, I like to decorate for the seasons with one big dramatic display on the mantel then bring in signs of autumn…

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An Autumn Riot – Fall Mantel Decor

Fall mantel decor idea with sculptural garland full of autumn foliage and pumpkins

Crafting an autumn sculptural garland for fall mantel decor with magnolia, cotton, foliage, pampas grass, and pumpkins. It’s a floral riot that feels extravagant and romantic! Have you ever been inspired to create something that felt a bit outside of your comfort zone? Yes, well…this is exactly how I ended up crafting this autumn sculptural…

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How to Choose the Right Exterior Lighting

Upgraded outdoor lights with new lamp post lanterns and front door wall fixtures

Upgrade your exterior lighting fixtures to improve your curb appeal and refine the look of your house! Tips to choose the right outdoor lights and your questions answered. The jewelry of the exterior… A beacon to the front door… A defining feature of your home’s look… Yes, outdoor lighting can be all of those to…

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Why I Love a Folding Screen

A floral folding screen accents the vintage brass bar cart with antique oyster plates above for a garden feel indoors

A look at the history of the folding screen and 8 ideas to use them in your home. Do you feel a chill draught about the knees? Autumn de Wilde’s 2020 Emma Mr. Woodhouse certainly did! He found the perfect mobile yet decorative solution too…a folding screen or as the French called it a paravent…

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Blue & White Done Right – But How?

Collection of blue and white Chinese porcelains on skirted table with bamboo branches, calligraphy brush, and pink flowers - the right way to do blue and white!

#blueandwhiteforever The keys to decorating with blue and white in a traditional way that is NOT trendy and WON’T feel overdone! In preparation for my upcoming blue and white ceramics collection on May 20th, I’ve been pouring over blue and white designs and researching the best ways to decorate with this timeless duo. I re-visited…

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Bring The Garden Inside

Brighton Pavilion bamboo chair with Majesty Palm -- tips to bring the garden feel inside

10 Decorating tips to bring the garden feel inside and give your interiors the vitality and beauty of nature! What do you love most about a beautiful garden? The lovely floral booms? The lush green foliage? The riot of gorgeous colors? The fragrant scents and peaceful meandering? There are so many sights, sounds, and scents…

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My Interior Decorating Philosophy & How To Craft Your Own

A look at Katherine's interior decorating philosophy and tips to create your own. Katherine in pink shawl arranges magnolia on her mantel

Gain clarity and confidence when decorating your home with an interior decorating philosophy! Do you ever find yourself stymied by your decorating choices? Feeling like there are too many options… too many products? Staying true to your style can be daunting amongst the endless trends and design dos and don’ts! Or maybe…you give into your…

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The Challenge to Decorating a Guest Room + 10 Essentials

Decorating a guest bedroom - floral chintz bedding with block print pillow

Decorating a guest room: how to create a space that reflects your style and welcomes guests with open arms! What is the unique challenge of decorating a guest bedroom? Creating a space that showcases your personal style and interior tastes while at the same time considering your guests’ comfort and ease! Hospitality is the name…

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Choosing Bedroom Curtains with Decoberry

Katherine fixes Decoberry curtains in blue and white Emily leaf print in her newly renovated guest bedroom

I’ve joined forces with my friends at Decoberry to share my 5 step process for choosing bedroom curtains! We are talking sizing, functionality, style, and how to get those decisions right! My totally honest opinion: No other decorating element makes or breaks a room like curtains! When you get it right the whole room shines…

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Style Advice for Choosing a Rug

Katherine's grandmillennial living room with graphic overlay - Style Advice for Choosing a Rug

Choosing a rug requires many key decisions from material and size to style! Learn about the four main styling elements to simplify those decisions and decorate with rugs successfully! The character of a room is instantly elevated by the addition of a stylish rug. Rugs can inspire a room design or be the finishing touch…

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