Fall Living Room Decor

Take a peek inside my home all dressed for autumn. We'll explore my fall living room decor where little touches of the season mingle with antiques, chintz, and grandmillennial style!

My mahogany sideboard with boxwood topiary, staffordshire spaniels, rose medallion, and pumpkins - fall living room decor

In the living room, I like to decorate for the seasons with one big dramatic display on the mantel then bring in signs of autumn with smaller touches around the room. I definitely went big and bold on the mantel this year! But let's start with the sideboard display...

A Fall Sideboard Display

On the sideboard fall accents of ceramic pumpkins, pink and orange gingham ribbon, and a harvest candle mix well with my favorite antiques: Staffordshire pups and Rose Medallion. This arrangement is all about symmetry and fun autumn color.

I re-arrange my antique decor quite a bit, but I never feel like I need to put it away for seasonal decorating. Instead it's about bringing in little accents for autumn that complement what I already have like filling my Rose Medallion ormolu bowl with mini pumpkins or adding ribbon bows.

Fall decor in the living room with antiques, vintage brass, gingham ribbon, and pumpkins

A Rose Medallion bowl filled with mini pumpkins and feathers
A boxwood topiary with pink and orange gingham bow for fall living room decor


If you are hunting your own pair of antique Staffordshire spaniels check out these from my friend's Etsy shop. The large tray is a vintage brass bamboo trim one like this. The green and white cachepot's are available in my shop. The green leaf pumpkins are For Pete's Sake Pottery, and the little yellow ones are vintage Fitz & Floyd. The ormolu bowl is a rare find, and the best place to hunt for one is at auction.

Dramatic Fall Living Room Decor

Fall mantel decor idea with sculptural garland full of autumn foliage and pumpkins

I went all out with the mantel decor this autumn, trying a new type of floral arrangement called a sculptural garland. I'm absolutely in love with it and rather impressed with myself for creating it! The arrangement is a romantic explosion of fall foliage with faux leaves, pampas grass, eucalyptus, cotton, and magnolia. In the center gorgeous orange ribbon and two white pumpkins complete the look.

My goal was to create a mantel inspired by the English country look that felt bold but whimsical, natural and romantic. What do you think? Did I do it?

Step 9 to DIY my autumn sculptural garland

You can see how I made the garland in this post where I shared a step by step look at the process. The sources for the florals are linked in that post as well. If you are interested in the ribbons, they are for sale in the shop:

Finishing Touches

Fall living room decor on the brass bar cart with a white pumpkin and autumn floral arrangement

To complete my fall living room decor, I simply added a few more florals and pumpkins to two key spots in my living room: the china cabinet shelves and my vintage brass bar cart. I created a smaller version of the mantel arrangement with leftover florals in a Rose Medallion teapot and just placed a mini white pumpkin on the tray. Simple! Easy!

The china cabinet got a fresh arrangement with a china swap but then I just placed a few mini faux pumpkins and gourds amongst the bowls and teacups for a little seasonal feel.

Autumn decor on the bar cart with Rose Medallion and green Wedgwood Jasperware
Little touches of fall decor with pumpkins in the china cabinet


  1. Jean waldrop on September 23, 2023 at 7:23 pm

    I like how you lined the back of your China cabinet with the Waverly fabric.

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