Pineapple Sherbet Limeade Mocktail

Mix up this non-alcoholic punch with pineapple sherbet and limeade for a sweet tangy refreshing mocktail perfect for the end of summer!

Pineapple sherbet limeade mocktail in white spotted glasses served on brass tray

If like me you are on an alcohol hiatus, you maybe searching for some refreshing beverages to enjoy on these hot and humid late summer afternoons. This pineapple sherbet limeade mocktail is the sweet treat you need to hit all those fruity tropical drink cravings! Just add a little umbrella, and you will feel like you are at the ocean under a palm!

I stopped drinking alcohol back in May, and I was surprised at how relatively easy it was to give up. Occasionally though when we had guests over, and everyone was mixing drinks I felt a bit left out and silly just drinking my water. It's amazing how tied we are to the social aspects of imbibing, isn't it?

Really, I just wanted a special treat to enjoy with everyone. I'll be sharing all of the mocktails I've been crafting over the next few months, but this pineapple drink is truly a sweet and tangy treat that really serves as dessert too!

It's a throw back to the popular sherbet punches of my youth that I remember my mother making for luncheons and wedding/baby showers. So it is a great pitcher or punch drink to make for a crowd, and you can add alcohol or not. If you want to sauce up this mocktail, I recommend adding a white rum.

Ingredients for a pineapple sherbet limeade mocktail on vintage brass tray with plaid tablecloth

Pineapple Sherbet Limeade Mocktail Recipe


Serves 4

1 can of Minute Maid Limeade

3 cans water

1 quart of pineapple sherbet

1 can Sprite or bubbly water of your choice

To Make

Take the limeade out of the freezer and let thaw for about 10 minutes then dump into pitcher. Refill the limeade can with water 3 times. This waters down the limeade and makes it less sour, so taste test it after 3 cans and see if you need it less tart. If so add a 4th can of water. Be sure to stir to mix up.

You can mix this all in the pitcher for a crowd or in each glass if you just have 4 people.

Add 3 scoops of pineapple sherbet to the glasses and then pour the limeade over top. You'll use about 1/2 a cup to a whole cup of limeade per glass. Stir well. Then top with Sprite (about 1/4 cup). Remember when the Sprite hits the sherbet it will really fizz up, so be careful not to overflow the glass.

This is definitely a sweet sugary drink, so if you want to cut back on the sugar a bit, use a seltzer water instead of sprite.

Top with fresh pineapple or lime slices and a tropical umbrella if feeling festive.

The perfect non-alcoholic party drink: a pineapple sherbet limeade mocktail



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