2023 Christmas Garland Kits

Do you love to decorate for Christmas but feel like your florals fall flat or your DIYs never turn out right?

Don't waste money on lackluster materials and supplies you don't need!

Don't waste time trying to design a style from scratch!


Get a gorgeous designer look!

Enjoy the creative process!

And save time and money with...

One of my gorgeous, easily assembled Christmas garland kits!

We'll use the finest faux floral materials and designer ribbon that you CAN'T get from the big box stores.

And you'll end up with a festive statement piece that will last years to come!

Katherine fixes white magnolia bloom in her Williamsburg inspired garland on the mantel

If this all sounds like a win win to you, then I think you're going to like my Christmas decorating solution:

Christmas Garland Kits

I've heard from so many of you readers that you struggle with your Christmas faux florals and making your greenery look good. I get a lot of questions about how I create my Christmas garlands and trees and where I get my materials.

A big part of the problem is the quality of the faux florals and greenery you have access to! I buy my florals wholesale from the top quality producers, and most of it you cannot find in the big box stores only smaller high end floral and Christmas shops.

The other part of the dilemma is knowing how to manipulate the florals and what colors, textures, and shapes to put together. That's where my designer's eye comes in!

I've got a brilliant solution for those of you struggling with your Christmas garlands:

A garland kit that would include all the faux florals and greenery and ribbon you need for the garland, and it would come prepped for you to assemble at home with instructions.

This is the second year I've offered these kits and the 2022 version was a big hit (pictured above)! Everyone loved the ease of assembly and was thrilled with the quality of florals and ribbon.

I’m sorry to keep on gushing, but you put so much work into the garland kits, it's why it went together so fast. And the bag to store it in! I felt weird about the money (which is insane, I just got used to making a $ look like $$$) and when I could actually afford nicer. I just never did until recently. But! So worth it.

Thank you again.

~Kristen from Arkansas

Two Garland Styles for 2023

Grandmillennial meet Williamsburg

Grandmillennial meet Williamsburg Christmas look - flatlay of ribbon, ornaments, dishes, and decor

A joyful Christmas look that takes a colorful twist on tradition with a pink and green colorway mixed with the floral and fruit accents of the della Robbia style!

The garland mockup:

Christmas Garland Kit 2023

Preppy Chinoiserie

Preppy Chinoiserie Christmas look for garland kits in a traditional Ralph Lauren style - flatlay with dishes, ribbon, decor, and florals

Dressed in traditional Christmas magic with velvet textures, juniper, magnolia, and plaid for a preppy look that feels cozy, nostalgic, and bright!

The garland mockup:

Preppy Chinoiserie Christmas garland mockup

You choose your garland style: Grandmillennial meet Williamsburg or Preppy Chinoiserie. Then customize the accent florals and ribbons to your home within the selections provided. Place your order then receive the garland kit in the mail in November ready to be assembled and hung.

Each kit will include:

  • Mixed pine 6' or 9' garland base
  • Designer ribbon: cut for streamers and/or tied for bows
  • Customized accent florals
  • Step by step instructions
  • Video tutorial
  • Floral wire

The price for the Christmas garland kit averages between $200 - $300 plus shipping costs, depending on the length of garland you need and florals/ribbons you choose. In general, designer Christmas garland using these kinds of quality florals and ribbons run $600 - $1000. To reserve your garland a deposit of half the total cost is due when you order.


I've created a lookbook for these kits to give you an idea of what the garland will look like and how you can decorate with it. The lookbook also goes into detail about the components of the garland with a price breakdown for greenery, florals, and ribbon. The lookbook is available here in PDF format.

The Benefits:

A Lush Designer Look

Finest Quality Materials

Statement Piece to Last Years

DIY with Confidence

Less Hassle More Joy Saving You Time & Money


Just fill out the easy Google form to place your order for a 2023 Christmas garland kit. Once you submit your form, you will receive a Paypal invoice to pay your deposit. Please note that orders are not reserved until your deposit is made!

I bet you've got something to say! Comment below!