5 Tips for Traditional Framing

Get that Grandmillennial look on your walls with these 5 tips for framing and matting works on paper.

Antique Louvre prints in Frame It Easy Granby frames in living room

The arrival of Fräulein Auguste Strobl and permanent residence here at Dogwood House necessitated some re-arranging of art this past weekend. I just shared the story of that portrait in this post.

Totally unplanned but totally fortuitously, I also just received some lovely frames from Frame It Easy for a collection of works on paper I had been hoarding for several years now. So it was the perfect time to put those together and re-hang some of the living room art.

Framing can be a challenge when it comes to getting the correct sizing, choosing the right look, and not spending a fortune. Frame It Easy has solved all of those dilemmas with affordable frames and a simple ordering process that does the math for you! I collaborated with this company back when I framed and created my botanical gallery wall.

Their Granby frame is my favorite because it has the prettiest beaded and roped detailing. It feels traditional, but not overdone, which is perfect to get that updated traditional look Grandmillennials are all about!

My philosophy on matting and framing is that it should be a transition leading you into the art work. It shouldn’t become the focus itself, but be a complement. Here are my 5 tips to get that Grandmillennial look with your matting and framing…

flat lay of art works on paper framed in gold frames from Frame It Easy

Granby & Hanover frames courtesy of Frame It Easy

5 Tips for Traditional Framing:

No. 1 Go for the Gold

I love a gold frame. It feels elegant and timeless plus it works with traditional interior fixtures, which are most often brass. The gold catches your attention and helps highlight the art work.

Gold Granby frames from Frame It Easy are perfect for traditional framing

No. 2 Choose Mats Based on the Color of the Art & the Room

Mat color and style can be a lot of fun to play with, and it can be tempting to go bold or dramatic. Just always keep in mind that the color of the mat should come from the art work itself. I also consider the color scheme of the room where I’m placing the art work. I want to make sure the mat feels like a natural transition from wall color or pattern to art.

With these two works, I choose blue hues for the mats that complemented the art works themselves.

Watercolor landscapes framed in gold Hanover frames from Frame It Easy for a traditional but simple look

Hanover frames with mats in bottle blue (river scene on right), fountain blue and bay blue (streetscape on left).

No. 3 Layer Up

Spend the extra money on a double mat! It’s worth it. The layered matting feels more luxe, and it gives you the opportunity to either subtly pull out an accent color from the art or go more bold.

No. 4 Show Off Titles & Signatures

Always always always have the mat cut big enough so that titles and artist signatures are visible. For one it gives the artist his or her due, and for another it saves you having to remember or write on the back who made it, where it’s from, or what it shows. This becomes even more important as art is passed down through the generations!

You can see in these two antique engravings of the Louvre I let the titles and artist information be visible.

Antique engravings of the Louvre are framed in gold frames

Granby frames in gold with cloud white and classic gold mats.

No. 5 Keep it Simple

Like I said earlier, the frame should lead you into the art and not detract from it. When I have a really bold work of art with lots of color or drama, I find a simple more contemporary feeling frame is often best. This is even more important if the art is small – say under 16 inches.

A watercolor street scene looks lovely in this traditional framing

If you are shopping for frames, I have a 10% discount from the folks at Frame It Easy. Just follow that link and the coupon should be automatically applied. Thanks for stopping by!

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