The Grandmillennial’s Pocket Guide to Chic Antiques

Your on the hunt resource to the chic antiques Grandmillennials adore!

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If you’ve ever experienced the thrill of finding that “unicorn” antique piece after years of hunting, then you know there is no other high like it. The excitement and triumph you feel is obsession inducing!

But out there in the wild of thrift stores, estate sales, auction floors, and yard sales there are some very trying questions to be wrangled, like…

Is this priced too high?

Is it authentic? 

Is it in good condition?

Is this the right one?

Instead of endlessly searching Google or eBay and getting confused by the copious, often incorrect information turn to The Grandmillennial’s Pocket Guide to Chic Antiques for answers!

I wrote this little pocket guide to help you Grandmillennials learn about antiques and feel more confident making the purchase! This guide can go with you everywhere you’ve got your phone. It’s a handy resource to quick answers while you are out on the hunt.

What’s Inside?

50+ Page E-Book

The Grandmillennial’s Pocket Guide to Chic Antiques is full of insider knowledge about the antiques you love. I’m sharing my years of expertise, laying out specifics on 20 different coveted antiques, including:

  1. Blue & White Chinese Porcelain
  2. Brown Furniture
  3. Dutch Delft
  4. Herend Porcelain
  5. Intaglios
  6. Limoges
  7. Majolica
  8. Needlework
  9. Opaline Glass
  10. Oriental Rugs
  11. Oyster Plates
  12. Paintings vs. Prints
  13. Quilts
  14. Rose Medallion
  15. Staffordshire Flatbacks
  16. Staffordshire Spaniels
  17. Sterling Silver
  18. Tobacco Leaf
  19. Transferware
  20. Wedgwood Jasperware

The entries explore these antiques’ history, charm factor, and detailed authenticity notes plus more!

You’ll learn about ceramic marks, identifying materials, determining age, distinguishing quality, and how to care for and clean these unique curios.

Each entry includes high resolution images with detail views of the clues and marks that help establish authenticity.

Entry preview for blue and white Chinese porcelain in The Grandmillennial's Pocket Guide to Chic Antiques
View of entry on blue and white Chinese porcelain.

Designed for Your Smart Phone

The e-book will be available in PDF and EPub formats for reading with Adobe, Apple Books, etc. It is designed for viewing on your smart phone but can easily be read on the desktop too. You can zoom in and out to catch details or blow up the text.

Page view of Tobacco Leaf entry from the Grandmillennial's Pocket Guide to Chic Antiques displayed on iPhone


Here’s what your fellow antique hunters think about The Pocket Guide…

The Grandmillennial’s Pocket Guide to Chic Antiques is the perfect shopping companion! It has the most helpful information and tips any grandmillennial should need when hunting for antique treasures!


As someone who is mesmerized with the beauty of vintage and antiques, and loving the history of items, I am enthralled with this pocket guide! It’s been so helpful to browse and easily scroll to find information on the items I enjoy hunting and searching for. User friendly and easy to read!

Anna Louise

The Grandmillennial’s Pocket Guide to Chic Antiques is such a helpful on-the-go resource for fellow thrifters and secondhand fans! Whether at an estate sale or busy thrift store, you are going to want to have Katherine’s guide as a reference to help you know if what you’re getting is the best bang for your buck.


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