My Favorite Paint Colors for Grandmillennial Style

A look at the best paint colors for Grandmillennial style from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams.

The prettiest paint colors for Grandmillennial style homes - palette of colors

Colors above: Cucumber Salad, Van Deusen Blue, Candlelit Dinner, Niagara Falls, Seashell, Clearspring, Sugarcane, Sapphire Ice

So you are ready to move on from the over-done farmhouse grays and earthy browns? Ready to embrace colorful walls and bright, fresh hues?

Was that a resounding YES? I thought so!

If you’ve been charmed by the interiors of Clary Boysbyshell, Ashley B. Hanley, or Caitlin Wilson then it’s time to test out the pretty color palette of the Grandmillennial!

As a self-proclaimed Grandmillennial decorator who gets to test out lots of paint colors for clients, I’ve honed in on the loveliest paint colors of the Grandmillennial look, and I’m sharing my favorites with you today.

The Grandmillennial palette is characterized by fresh, vibrant hues that have a bit muddier tone to them. They feel traditional but not staid…bright but not garish.

Pretty Paint Colors for Grandmillennial Style:

BM – Benjamin Moore

SW – Sherwin Williams

Wedgwood Blue

BM Sapphire Ice 808

BM Old Blue Jeans 839

SW Blissful Blue 6527

Katherine's dining room painted in a Colonial teal hue - Interesting Aqua from Sherwin Williams

Colonial Teal

BM Jamestown Blue HC-148

BM Niagara Falls 1657

BM Wild Blue Wonder CSP-620

SW Interesting Aqua

SW Aquitaine 9057

Blush Pink

BM Odessa Pink HC-59

BM Sugarcane 1185

SW Blushing 6617

Kitchen cabinets in sage green from Lavin Label

Image via @lavinlabel


BM Van Alen Green HC-120

BM Cucumber Salad 562

BM Pine Forest 451

SW Slow Green 6456

SW Clary Sage 6178

Soft Jade

BM Clearspring Green HC-128

SW Kendal Green 6467

SW Parisian Patina 9041


BM Simply White OC-117

BM Chantilly Lace OC-65

lemon walls from Ashley B Hanley Design

Image via @ashleybhanley

Lemon Sorbet

BM Candlelit Dinner 295

BM Wildflowers 325

SW Icy Lemonade 1667

SW Lemon Chiffon 6686

Natural Wicker

BM Berber White 955

BM Ancient Oak 940

BM Seashell OC-120

SW Worldly Gray 7043


BM Van Deusen Blue HC-156

BM Hudson Bay 1680

SW Indigo 6531

SW Dress Blues 9176

Now don’t rush out and buy a gallon of one of these hues. Paint colors are always affected by the unique lighting situation in a room and the other color pairings. I recommend painting a swatch on a piece of white poster board then taping it to the wall to see how the artificial and natural lighting you have impacts the paint color.

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