4 Vintage Gifts for Mom She’ll Adore

Be extra thoughtful this Mother’s Day with one of these 4 charming vintage gifts for mom that she will adore.

Vintage gifts for mom, including brass tray, tea set, pitcher with pink peonies

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we are all wondering what to give her that…

1. She doesn’t already have and…

2. She will actually use and enjoy.

Am I right?

In my experience, moms the world over appreciate gifts that are meaningful, useful, and special. So what kind of present manages that magical trifecta?

The gift of a vintage treasure combined with a thoughtful extra like her favorite flowers, chocolates, tea, or skin care products.

Here are 4 gift ideas you can present to mom as a special thank you for all she has done for you! And these unique vintage treasures are shop-able right here on P&P, if you see one that is perfect for your mom!

4 Vintage Gifts for Mom with a Thoughtful Extra:

A Gorgeous Vase with Her Favorite Flowers

Fresh flowers are certainly a go-to gift for mom, but this year put her favorite flowers in a gorgeous vintage vase or pitcher she can use again and again. Consider too a lovely faux arrangement that she can enjoy all the time.

This pretty vintage strawberry pitcher makes a sweet vase for pink peonies and can also be used for serving a pitcher of her favorite cocktails!

Shop the pitcher here.

Don't just give mom flowers this year - put them in a sweet vintage vase or pitcher

Chic vintage brass bamboo tray with elephant teapot and rose medallion tea cups

A Unique Tea Set & Her Favorite Brew

Mom definitely deserves to kick back and relax this Mother’s Day, so why not encourage her to enjoy a lovely cup of tea with a unique tea set. Be sure to pick up some teas she can sip with her new set. My go-to for loose leaf teas are from Capital Teas and Piper & Leaf.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match teapots with different cups. This darling elephant and baby teapot works beautifully with Rose Medallion cups.

Shop the teapot here and the cups here.

An Elegant Bowl with Her Favorite Skin Care

Take the gift basket idea to the next level with an elegant vintage bowl or basket loaded with her favorite skin care products. Choose a bowl in her favorite china pattern or colors that she can use for a variety of purposes.

Skin care products can get expensive, so select two or three items and then fill in the basket with chocolates or candies.

This elegant reticulated basket in blue and white with gilt accents is from Andrea by Sadek. Shop it here.

Fill a gorgeous vintage bowl or basket with mom's favorite skin care products for a special Mother's Day gift

Vintage brass bamboo tray

A Chic Tray & Her Favorite Sweet Treat

The fourth gift for mom idea is a chic tray like this vintage brass bamboo one. Bake mom’s favorite cookies or sweet treat to gift with the tray for that thoughtful touch.

Trays are such a decorating staple that she can use for serving or as an organizer on the vanity, coffee table, or sideboard. See my tips for using trays in this post.

Be sure to select one that works with her decor style. Shop the brass one here.

Gorgeous pink faux peonies arranged in vintage strawberry pitcher - classic gift for mom

Selecting a charming present for mom this year doesn’t have to be difficult. Use one of these 4 vintage gift ideas to give her something unique and thoughtful that she can use and enjoy for years to come.

Shop these treasures below!

Shop Vintage Gifts for Mom:

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