Decorate with Green Grandmillennial Style

10 Tips to decorate with green in the grandmillennial style, using traditional decor and a mix of high and low!

The fireplace in my grandmillennial living room decorated in green, chintz, gingham, and wicker showcases how to decorate with green hues.

I have a confession to make…I’m KEEN on GREEN!

I’m partial to pink. I dally with blue, but I always come back to green. It truly is my favorite color — the one that makes me feel relaxed but happy!

Since spring is right around the corner and, thus, the promise of nature’s fresh and verdant greens, it’s the right time to share with you what I’ve learned about decorating with green in terms of grandmillennial style and traditional decor.

My formal living room is all decked out in green. I really didn’t set out to use this color so prominently in the design, but as the room evolved and I sourced furnishing via auctions and estate sales, green became the dominate color. And I LOVE it!

This space, while not quite finished, embodies the grandmillennial living room. It is bright and fresh with a heavy dose of traditional in terms of furnishings and fabrics. Green is the common theme running throughout the room from the chintz on the cornice boards and pillows to the celadon green upholstery and the green and white gingham curtains to the tabletop decor. Balancing out the vibrant greens are a soft blue, pale pink, and warm wood tones.

See the transformation of the living room here.

Fireplace with gilt mirror, boxwood topiaries, Rose Medallion temple jars, and Staffordshire spaniels. Wicker day bed sits in front with green cushions.

10 Tips to Decorate with Green

No. 1 Pay Close Attention to Warm & Cool Hues

Green can be a bit tricky to work with if you are not careful of the warm and cool hues. Depending on the lighting in the space and your other design elements, you want to choose a green that harmonizes with the other colors in your room in terms of warmth or coolness. I’m using a warm spring green with a cooler celadon and pale blue to basically create an analogous color scheme overall in my living room.

If you find your green decor clashing, try changing to a warmer or cooler hue for a better effect.

No. 2 Look to Nature

Green is truly nature’s neutral! So when incorporating green into your home decor find inspiration out-of-doors. Quite literally bring in plants and/or faux greenery to add that pop of green.

My go to dash of natural green are ferns and boxwood, which add an elegant classic Southern touch to your decor. Mix these with accents of wicker or rattan for a more textural garden vibe!

Decorate with green tip no. 4 is partner gilt and green for example the green boxwood topiaries and gilt laurel mirror on the mantel

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No. 3 Liberally Mix with White

Bright white provides an elegant contrast to green of any hue. It feels very crisp and eye catching yet simple.

No. 4 Partner Gilt & Green

Another fabulous pairing is gilt and green, especially when using warmer hued greens or darker greens. Gold gilt really pops in brightness when set against green.

My grandmillennial living room decorated in green, white, blue, and pink with chintz and gingham window treatments, wicker furniture, and colorful accessories.

No. 5 Match Dark & Light Shades

Varying shades of green work really well together when decorating with this color. Mixing light and dark tones create contrast and make a space more visually interesting.

No. 6 Use Green Grandmillennial Decor

Decorate with green by bringing in classic grandmillennial accessories like sage colored Wedgwood Jasperware, malachite, Famille Verte, celadon, or cabbage ware. These are essentials of the grandmillennial style and will add just the right pop of green.

For more green decor finds, check out this shopping guide!

No. 7 Pink & Green are Classic

For a sassy vibrant look pair pink and green in your home decor. It is one of nature’s favorite combinations and instantly creates a cheery feeling in any room. For more tips on using pink in your home decor, read this!

For a soothing palette mix pale shades of green and blue like what's done here with these green floral armchairs, celadon lamps, and blue skirted tables.

No. 8 Decorate with Green for a Soothing Palette

Although green can be a very vibrant hue, when used in a washed out shades of celadon, sage, celery, or mint, this color can be very soothing and subtle. In my living room, I’ve blended dark and light shades of green, but used more pale tones to keep the space feeling calm.

No. 9 Avoid Going Rustic

This color can be used to complement a variety of interior styles, but to keep the green feeling grandmillennial and not bohemian or rustic avoid the more earthy, olive tones.

No. 10 Blue Loves Green

Talking about a soothing palette, blue and green create the perfect one! Blue and green simply harmonize together, and you can never go wrong pairing these two.

Pair of green floral armchairs in my grandmillennial living room as example of how to decorate with green.

Are you ready to decorate with green? Let me know what you think about my 10 tips!


  1. Claire on July 4, 2021 at 8:06 pm

    I have been decorating with green since forever!

    • Katherine on July 7, 2021 at 7:51 am

      Yay for green!

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