DIY Williamsburg Inspired Magnolia & Citrus Christmas Wreath

Learn to make a magnolia & citrus Christmas wreath inspired by Colonial Williamsburg in this 7 step tutorial!

Williamsburg inspired magnolia & citrus wreath with pink and green gingham bow hung on wrought iron front door

Feeling inspired by the gorgeous fruit filled, natural wreaths of Williamsburg?

Me too! So I whipped up this magnolia and citrus wreath with a big pink and green plaid bow for my front entry, and today I’m sharing how to make my version with preserved magnolia, dried citrus, and faux berries for an elegant front door decoration this holiday season!

To get started, you will need a 16″ pre-made preserved magnolia wreath (I have two available in the shop) with a straw wreath ring, various faux winter evergreens, heather, berries, and dried orange and lime fruit slices and/or pomanders. Oh! And don’t forget some pretty ribbon for your bow. My pink and green plaid is available here.

Floral and greenery materials for Williamsburg inspired magnolia & citrus Christmas wreath laid out on table

For tools and supplies, you will need:

Tools and supplies needed to make Christmas wreaths with dried citrus

If DIY is just not your thing, but you love my Colonial Williamsburg inspired wreath, I have one available here in the shop.

Steps to Make a Magnolia & Citrus Christmas Wreath:

Watch the video tutorial here:

Step No. 1 Create your evergreen picks to add to wreath

To create your evergreen picks you will need to add the wooden floral pick with wire to the end of the branch. Overlap the two with the wire end of the wooden pick next to the end of the branch. Wrap the wire around the branch and pick. Then using floral tape cover the wire and ends to secure.

Step No. 2 Add evergreen picks to magnolia wreath

Dab some hot glue along the pointed end of the wooden pick. Decide where to place the evergreen on the wreath and peal back the leaves to find the straw ring. Firmly push the end of the wooden pick into the ring. The hot glue will help secure the pick inside the straw ring.

Evergreen pick pushed into straw wreath ring with hot glue

Step No. 3 Repeat steps one & two adding evergreen around entire wreath

Work in about 8 sprigs of evergreen around the entire wreath. Use the same method outlined in steps one and two to create picks with the evergreen sprigs and push them into the wreath ring.

Preserved magnolia wreath with added sprigs of evergreen

Step No. 4 Next work in your other two florals, adding sprigs of pink heather and white sugar berries

Create picks using the wooden picks with wire and floral tape as shown in the first two steps. Push them into the straw wreath ring. Work around the entire magnolia wreath, distributing the colors evenly.

Preserved magnolia wreath with added heather, sugar berries, and evergreen sprigs

Step No. 5 Add citrus pomanders

To make the citrus picks with lime or orange pomanders, clip off the wire from the wooden pick. Find a good spot to push the blunt end of the wooden pick into the pomander and add hot glue there. Jab the end in to the glue and pomander. Add some more hot glue around the intersection. Set aside and let glue set up for a few minutes.

Add the citrus pomander picks to your magnolia wreath in the same way we did the evergreen picks.

Making a pick with a live pomander

lime pomander pick added to magnolia & citrus Christmas wreath

Step No. 6 Add citrus slices to wreath

To make the citrus picks with orange slices, thread the wire from the wooden pick through the fleshy part of the slice. Wrap the wire around itself and the end of the wooden pick to secure. Using your floral tape, wrap it over the wire and end of the wooden pick to secure.

You can add multiple slices to one wire pick for a grouping.

Repeat steps one and two to add citrus slice picks to wreath.

Several citrus slice picks and pomander picks ready to add to wreath

Part of magnolia and citrus Christmas wreath with added lime pomanders and orange slices

Step No. 7 Tie a pretty bow and put on magnolia & citrus Christmas wreath

Tie a bow with festive ribbon and attach it to the wreath with floral wire around the back. Watch my bow tutorial here.

DIY Williamsburg inspired magnolia & citrus Christmas wreath with green and pink plaid bow

Voila! You are done, and we have created a charming Williamsburg inspired DIY magnolia and citrus Christmas wreath that you can hang on your front door for a festive and elegant look. If your front door is covered by a porch and somewhat protected from the elements, this wreath should last several years. Be sure to store it flat in a cool dry place when not using.

I have one of these magnolia and citrus wreaths with pink and green bows available in the shop or you can shop the plain preserved magnolia wreaths in the shop below:

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