Styling a Silk Scarf 3 Ways Using the Same Square Knot

Learn 3 ways to style a silk scarf using the same simple square knot, featuring the blooming petal silk scarf from Sarah Flint!

Katherine wearing the blooming petal scarf from Sarah Flint tied in the cowboy bib with square knot

A scarf is my favorite accessory for fall! Especially, a silk scarf made in Italy, hand painted, and decorated with the most gorgeous blooms!

I was literally tickled pink when the Sarah Flint team reached out to me to style their blooming petal scarf. They graciously sent me the 90cm size, which is the larger square, and I just think you can style this size scarf so many different ways.

While SF gifted this scarf to me, this blog post is not sponsored. I was so taken by the quality and beauty of this scarf I just had to share it with y’all. I am a SF ambassador and you can receive $50 off your first purchase of shoes by clicking here.

A silk scarf is perfect for fall because it is wonderfully warm in the morning when it is cooler, but will not overheat you as the day warms. Plus silk scarves look amazing with sweaters and peaking out of blazers. The colors of this scarf are particularly beautiful for fall with the bold teal, rich greens, and lovely pop of pink and orange. I’ve paired it here with a simple a-line dress that has a lovely eyelet detail at hem and sleeves.

Today, I’m sharing three ways to style a silk scarf using the same square knot: the asymmetrical wrap, the cowboy bib, and the classic girl scout.

3 Ways to Style a Silk Scarf with a Square Knot

First, start by folding your scarf in half on the bias to make a large triangle. Next tie a square knot with the two ends.

A square knot is tied by overlapping one end over the other, wrapping it around and up through the “v” you’ve created. Next take that same end that is on top and wrap it back around the bottom end through the circle you just made and pull tight.

Watch this video to learn how to tie a square knot for the asymmetrical wrap style:

The Asymmetrical Wrap Style

Katherine in teal dress wearing blooming petal scarf from Sarah flint styled in an asymmetrical wrap tie

3 Ways to style a silk scarf. Here Katherine shows off the asymmetrical wrap style

Style Notes:

Sarah Flint’s blooming petal scarf looks amazing tied in this asymmetrical wrap style. This is probably my favorite way to wear a large silk scarf.

For one it shows off the beautiful design and colors of the silk scarf, while also keeping your shoulders warm. The asymmetry is visually interesting and can jazz up a simple neckline.

I think it is a really elegant way to style a silk scarf!

Style a silk scarf in an asymmetrical wrap tie with square knot

The Cowboy Bib Style

You can easily transform the asymmetrical wrap style into the cowboy bib by just turning the triangle point towards the front and putting the knotted end behind your neck.

Here is a little video showing you what I mean:

Close up view of Sarah Flint's blooming petal silk scarf tied in cowboy bib style

Portrait view of Katherine wearing floral silk scarf tied in cowboy bib style.

Katherine in teal dress, cowboy boots, and blooming petal silk scarf from Sarah Flint

Style Notes:

While the name may seem a bit corny, this way to wear a scarf is certainly not!

The cowboy bib style shows off the scarf designs perfectly and creates a lovely cowl neckline, which is so flattering for your face. When I tie a scarf this way, I like to angle the point to one side or another and not wear it straight down.

You can make the triangle smaller or larger depending on how you tie the ends, and if they bother you poking out underneath your hair, simply tuck them under.

The Girl Scout Style

This is a classic way to tie a silk scarf, and you can wear it with the ties straight down or twisted to the side. Use the same square knot I showed you earlier just leave the ends longer.

Watch this little video to see how:

Style a silk scarf with a classic girl scout tie

Close up view of the blooming petal scarf tied in a classic girl scout style

Style Notes:

Sometimes the classics are simply the best. This is a tried and true way to style a silk scarf.

I love how it emphasizes the designs at the corners of the scarf, showing here the darling blue and orange pansies and elegant interloped border. The scarf’s design was painted by artist Ella Sienna and takes inspiration from an English country house Newby Hall, which has elaborately decorated ceilings.

Don’t forget to fluff the ends so that you can see the design better.

I particularly like to tie this style when wearing a blazer or collared neckline.

Katherine wears teal dress with brown cowboy boots and silk scarf tied in girl scout style

A beautifully designed silk scarf is an elegant fall accessory that can be styled in endless ways. But you don’t need to tie it in elaborate configurations to create an elegant look. Master one simple square knot, and you’ve got 3 chic ways to style your scarf!

To see more designs from Sarah Flint read this post.


  1. Alexandra on September 11, 2020 at 11:09 am

    Pretty scarf! I love wearing my scarves in the cowboy bib style.

    • Katherine on September 11, 2020 at 11:42 am

      It is indeed! Me too!

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